2017 11 02 Minutes of the First Steering Group Meeting

Click here for a PDF copy of these 2017 11 02 meeting notes.

Any action points are in red.


Listed below

Steering Committee

Listed below

Approval of Officers

Initially all attendees were invited to give a brief resume about themselves, after which the following people were appointed.

  • Chairman – Rory Jenkins
  • Vice Chairman – Jenny Bowden
  • Secretary – William Rogers
  • Financial Officer – Roger Kayes

The Parish Council representatives on the NP Steering Committee are Robert Norrington and William Rogers.


Funds will be held by the Parish Council.

It is understood that generally no expenses are payable to Steering Group members.

Grants are available from CCC as well as Lottery Funds.  It is believed that additional funds may be obtained  from the Community network Panel, as well as the Coastal Community Funds.  WR will investigate.

Terms of Reference for Steering Committee

A blank template for the Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee are being sent to members to be discussed at the next meeting.

WR to follow up.

External  Help

WR is liaising with Ginny Clark of St Agnes, in relation to the work that they have completed on their NP.


Communications for the Group will be managed by Robert Norrington.  Rory Jenkins will create the web site free of charge, and set up separate email accounts for the appointees.

The Facebook group for the Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Plan will be updated by Rory so that all members Steering Group are ‘Administrators and moderators’.

Application to Cornwall Council for Designated Area Status

W.R will prepare the documentation for approval at the next Steering Meeting.

Preparation Work

All Steering Committee members are requested to read the following documents before the next meeting.  These will be sent electronically to all Steering Committee members:-

Date of Next Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday 30th November 7pm Parish Council offices.

This meeting is essentially for the Steering Committee.  However, it is open to all residents to attend, and there are opportunities for public participation.

Annexure 1 List of Attendees

  • Ashby-Zwozdiak Chris
  • Bowden Jenny
  • Branch Janine
  • Callam Michael
  • Clark Jack
  • Colam Karen
  • Havill Kevin
  • Henwood Phillip
  • Jenkins Rory
  • Joy Jenni
  • Joy Nick
  • Kent Andy
  • Kent Ruth
  • Mallett Mary
  • Maynard Angela
  • Meyers Wendy
  • Moore Phil
  • Norrington Robert
  • Reynolds Tony
  • Timms Matt
  • Tonkin Gill
  • Yeo Ken
  • Young Maxine

Annexure 2 Members of the Steering Committee

  • Ashby-Zwozdiak Chris
  • Bowden Jenny
  • Bown Andrew
  • Branch Jamine
  • Dutson Susan
  • Havill Kevin
  • Henwood Phillip
  • Joy Nick
  • Kayes Roger
  • Kent Andy
  • Moore Phil
  • Norrington Robert
  • Reynolds Tony
  • Rogers William
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