2018-01-31 Environment & Heritage Meeting Notes

Environment and Heritage Focus Group

Meeting Notes

Wednesday 31st January 2018, 7-9pm

Perranporth Inn


Jack Clark


  • Chris A-Z
  • Sue Dutson
  • Simon Jeffrey
  • Lizzi Larbalestier
  • Angela Maynard

Overview of developments so far….

 Several areas of expertise identified and all agreed that this is a huge remit. Energy to be focused into LLCA areas and plans (awaiting steering group meeting to provide clarity on zoning – wards)?

Sue, Angela and I discussed the NDP’s (Newquay, Falmouth, St Ives, Bude, Crantock) we have looked at with particular focus on St Agnes as a sister parish. Of particular interest is the St Agnes Parish Open Space Strategy which has been analysed by CC using the same methodology/criteria as Cornwall Council’s own Open Space Strategy. Simon suggested that yes, it would be in the Council’s interest if we wanted them to complete one for the whole Parish as they intend to roll it out across the entire Duchy eventually. Q: Would we need to add further areas though retrospectively eg, it seemed rather thin on farmland, and hedge/scrubland. Newquay NDP also includes ‘valued landscapes’ and protection of views and vistas?

Angela proposed that we request/conduct an ORKS /ERCCIS study for the area, which sounds brilliant, and I shared details of CC’s Environmental Growth Strategy together with the associated Biodiversity Targets document which we will also need to embed. Simon discussed and provided a hard copy of Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s ‘wildlife resource map for neighbourhood planning – thank you.

Congratulations to Lizzi and her team on Perranporth’s Plastic Free Coastline Status, and it was agreed that there are many volunteers involved who may also wish to join us with this, not to mention expertise associated with knowledge of SSSI/AONB’s, dune management re: planning, flora and fauna etc.

Assistance from Natural England and Historic England noted and welcomed. Also discussed the CC Interactive Map/Magic

Re: Heritage, I wondered if we had any conservation areas within the parish, perhaps Callestick or Bolingey? Need to investigate further.

It was mentioned that reference to, and investigation of the Town and Country Planning Act is required in addition to other planning docs in order to maintain conformity and to shape general policies without getting bogged down in detail over area specifics, and that AONB Management Plan also applies to far west of Parish.

Skate Park (Bolenna) difficulties discussed as part of CC Public Open Space observations ie) The key observations of the existing provision were that there were low levels (per person) of types 4 (children’s equipped play) and 5 (youth) provision, but that to some degree these would be compensated by the considerable beach assets. The level of types 1 (park/amenity) and 2 (natural) open space are higher in Perranporth than in most other towns, BUT the Insight report states that green space and access is low for Perranporth? Further investigation needed, hence the requirement for a more comprehensive Parish wide survey in conjunction with wildlife/ORKS mapping/LLCA’s.

Concluded with a look at language for a possible mission statement for this group or as a whole;

Enriching                              green infrastructure                      vulnerable
Enhancing                            green assets                                                Improving                            local environmental value          Opportunity                        natural capital
Investment                           biodiversity
Community                          ecosystem services
Common                               bioabundance                                Diverse                                  networks

No further meeting date set, as will meet at next steering group when a clearer picture of evolving LLCA will emerge, and volunteers to train for the process are identified.

Concluded 9pm.

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