Communications update 7th Mar 2018

  • New Logo acceptance? With the strapline ‘Improving our Parish for All’

Approved by SG

  • Communications Strategy Document:
    • First Draft submitted to SG
    • This is a Working document. Flow chart to be add. It will develop as we learn how best to proceed.
    • The procedure part for comm’s between SG members, minutes of meetings etc NEEDS buy in from the FG members and officers. VIP!
    • Timings

The timings in the document are generic. These were taken from looking at other NDPs. Will Rodgers is producing a timing plan. This needs approving. The Communications strategy indicative timings may be amended to reflect the main timing plan document.

  • Communications Emails:
    • Rory has given me an imap account
    • Rory to confirm when all emails will be available
    • Unless specifically requested these will be forwarding addresses not imap unless specifically requested.
  • Website:
    • Pivotal tool in the NDP communications process
    • Work with Rory to get this developed asap ACTION RJ
  • Next Communications actions:
    • Talk to publishers – posters/flyers etc
    • Begin working on the first public engagement flyer with FGs
    • Call a meeting of the FG leaders to formulate a content
    • Review the logistics of distribution
      • Mail shot/Hand delivery/Combination of the two
      • Returns freepost address & Drop off points in strategic points in the community
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