2018-03-28 BETI Meeting Notes

Perranporth Neighbourhood Development Plan

BETI Focus Group

Meeting Notes

28th March 2018 (Parish Rooms)


Kevin Havill (Chair), Philip Moore, Andrew Bown, Karen Colam (PC), Mike Callan (CC Consultant), William Rogers (PC)

Apologies: Simon Jefferies, Jackie Byatt, Tanya Mocke, Richard Mocke

• Resumé of BETI group progress so far:
1. meeting had been to decide what BETI included
2. meeting had developed vision and tested concepts
3. meeting had been an extraordinary participation in the A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross public meeting
4. Purpose of this meeting was to discuss how issues affecting BETI interests should be communicated

• Minutes of the previous meeting
o Approved and the following comments made:

  • To obtain further co-operation fron the County Council for the potential diversion of the A3075 around Goonhavern we will need to work with other parishes and those in the Community Network Area. Michael Callan to invite councillor Adrian Harvey and the CC Cabinet Member Geoffrey Brown to a meeting
  • Agreement to Andrew Bown’s suggestion that we should seek to sponsor a cycle link /footpath to Goonhavern from Perranporth that could continue towards Truro. Sustran where discussed as a possible source for sponsorship.
  • Jeremy Edwards Cornwall Council to be invited to the next meeting via Mike Callan

• Communication Timing

  • 1st mail shot to the general public announcing the NDP process and inviting participation – Apr/May 2018
  • Consultation – Oct/Nov/Dec 2018

o The first mailshot should go by post to all households in the parish. It is assumed that these will be addresses to “the occupier” but must seek to reach all members of the household.
o Not all companies operating in Perranzabuloe will have owners or management living in the parish. How to reach all businesses discussed:
Companies – it is possible to buy lists. Kevin Havill to discuss with Chair of Communication (Nick Joy) and ask him to obtain quotes for suitable lists.


Perranporth NDP, BETI – Meeting #4

Organisations – William Rogers undertook to source these lists.
o Content within the first mailshot due April/May to include content inviting

participation for BETI subjects and provide details of public consultation meetings covering the following sectors and with designated members of BETI working with:

  • Perranporth centre shops and services (Michael Callan to assist)
  • Goonhavern centre shops and services (Michael Callan to assist)
  • Tourism (Karen Colam to assist)
  • Agriculture (KH to find 3# party assistance)
  • Industrial (tbc) – possible source could Cornwall Chamber of Commerce (Kim Conchie) and Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
  • Small Enterprises (assumed these will covered by the residents mailshot)

o BETI content for 1st mail shot to explain what’s happening, what the NDP can and

can’t do, the potential benefits and ability to cut red tape in future. It should invite responses and give details of forthcoming consultation meetings. Kevin Havill to draft and the group to edit

o Consultation Sessions

  • Will require key note introduction and presentation
  • Should be held at venues other than the Parish Rooms – PerranporthMemorial Hall; Pavillion Rooms (Beach Car Park); Goonhavern Hall; Callestick Farm and Healeys visitor centre all to be considered
  • All focus groups should be represented at the consultation meetings

o Need to approach ALL significant public authorities / organisations in regard to their involvement with the Parish

Southwest Water /Electrical Supplies / British Gas(?) / BT Openreach

• Any Other Business
o Discussions over the overlap between the remit of BETI and the Housing group

within the NDP and whether they should be more closely linked in the future.
o The announcement from Government about very significant further increases in

new build housing targets for the UK including Cornwall predicted to be an additional 30% above the current target of ~52,000 for Cornwall. The increase could take the Cornwall target to nearly 70,000 new homes by 2030.

o The Community Land Trust was proposed as a possible funding source for local affordable homes in partnership with the Parish Council. This merits further investigation

o Cover for the Chair of BETI over the summer period was also discussed (KH will be in Sweden from May until early September 2018).

Next meeting Monday 23rd April 18:00 – 19:00 at the Parish Rooms

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