Steering Group Meeting –16th October 2018

1         Attendance and Apologies

Apologies were received from Janine Branch, Phil Moore & Andrew Bown.  Eight people, including 7 from the Steering Group attended. (Listed in Appendix 1).

2         Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 22nd April 2018

Proposed by Rory Jenkins (RJ), seconded by Roger Kayes and approved unanimously.

3         Matters arising

It was proposed by KC, seconded by RK that RJ set up the new NDP hotline for contacting the NDP by the general public.  Its number will be 01872 463572.

  1. Communications


Details of timings for the Flyer and of public meetings were confirmed.  These are as follows: _

Design                                                  Completed mid October

Printing and Distribution               Completed 10th November

Public Meetings: _

Goonhavern                                                     Tuesday 20th November

Perranporth                                                     Wednesday 21st November

Blackwater  (Chiverton Arms) Tuesday 27th November

Linda Boylen has requested to become a member of the Steering Group (SG)  This was unanimously welcomed and accepted by the existing members of the  SG.  Similarly, she is to become a member of the Housing Focus Group.

The remainder of the meeting was an analysis of the draft flyer as produced by Jeff Muir (Design Consultant responsible for producing the flyer and poster).

5         Reports from Focus Groups

None – see item 4

6         Project planning

No discussion.

7         Financial matters

None arising.

8         Any other business

It was suggested that the NDP is represented at the Christmas Market. WR has booked a space with the organisers

  1. Items for next meeting

The Flyer and public meetings.

9         Date of next meeting and closure

The next meeting will be decided in line with the publication of the Flyer as well as the scheduled public meetings.

The meeting finished at 9.45pm.

Appendix 1 – List of Attendees

Michael Callan (PPC Representative)

Steering Group

Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak

Kevin Havil

Rory Jenkins

Roger Kayes

Linda Boylen

Karen Colam

William Rogers

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