Steering Committee Meeting – 6th December, 2018

Proposed Agenda

  • Attendance and Apologies
  • Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 16th October 2018
  • Matters arising
  • Communication update
  • Discussion of Public Meetings
  • Social Media co-ordinator
  • Other issues:
    • Text messaging system
    • Bulk emailing.
  • Reports from Focus Groups  (Deferred until January 2019 meeting)
  • Project Planning (Deferred until January 2019 meeting)
  • Financial Matters (Deferred until January 2019 meeting)
  • Procedure for membership of Steering Group
    • Also declaration of interests. Chris & Kevin email said yes.
    • – Alison Barrett from the Perranporth school
  • Any other Business
    • Structure for agreeing dates for future meetings.
      • Could at each meeting set the date of the next 3 months of SG meetings (which once established would mean the one in 3 months time.
      • Could always be the 2nd week of the month and rotate around being Monday, then Tuesday, then Thursday OR Doodle Poll of SG members.
    • Christmas drinks meet up
      • Karen has suggested the 15th at the Seiners, who are having a dinner for local businesses that is fully booked, but the party is open to all.
    • Meeting with Immogen of CC NDP team. Monday 10th December 9am.
    • Perranporth Christmas market stand.
    • We, ages ago, were going to see if we could get, from the Parish Council the raw data that went into the Parish Plan. Has this been progressed ?
      At the same time and related, we were going to ask if there was a copy of the Parish Plan survey questionnaire that we could have. Progressed?
  • Items for next meeting
    • Date of Jan, Feb & March meetings
    • Fast track our 1st NDP considering Lord Falmouth land ?



Rory email sent 2018-11-23 re Declare our vested interests re the NDP

At the meeting pre the public meetings it was brought up that in Oxfordshire a group of developers managed to take over an NDP.

In the discussion it was agreed that we don’t have a problem with the interests and views of developers to be part of the Steering Group, but that we didn’t want this to swamp / dominate.

So to avoid this risk it was discussed that we should all declare, and have this put on the Website, what our interests are.

It was agreed that this is something we should discuss at the next public SG meeting.

– William, can this please be put on the agenda.

Assuming it does get agreed, my draft declaration would be along the lines of what I’ve put below.

– comments very welcome. I’m trying to set out what I see as my situation with it’s potential vested interests and to also more broadly set out my interest in the local NDP.

I own and live in a house in Perranporth. I mostly work from home for a company that builds and maintains Websites for their client base. We Air B&B rent out a self-contained section of our property.

Ever since I moved to Perranporth in 2005 I’ve seen the village and wider parish evolving in a way that I don’t always feel reflects the wishes and ambitions of those who live and work here. There is a strong need for housing provision, in particular for those just starting out, that I feel needs more balance with the evolving and not evolving capacity of what is here. For example the sewage and drainage system, green spaces, the natural environment, employment and business opportunities. I’m also a relatively recent parent to twins, where I’m concerned about the level of local schools and other facilities for younger people.





Rory email sent 2018-11-23 re
How to we accept more people to the Steering Group?


For those at the meeting ahead of the public meetings, it came up that Roger spoke with me about how we deal with this.

We probably don’t want a Steering Group (SG) that gets too big.

We probably don’t want SG members that don’t contribute.

Our conclusion was that if anybody wants to join the SG that the process should be:

  1. They attend 2 or 3 SG meetings, so that they can learn more about what is going on and we can hopefully also learn about them.
  2. They live +/or work in the parish.
  3. If they confirm they’d still like to join the SG, then we have a vote of existing SG members where majority yes or no determines their request.
    1. If it’s a no, it can be revisited in 6 months ?
  4. The same should apply to anybody joining a Working Group ?
  5. We should look at the attendance record and if a SG member doesn’t attend 4 consecutive months of meetings, they’ll be contacted to check they wish to remain on the SG or not. If an SG member doesn’t attend 6 consecutive months of meetings, the next SG meeting will vote if that person is to stay on an SG member or not.
    1. If yes, who can look through historic minutes to identify who isn’t regularly attending?

These are very much rough notes / thoughts !

So feedback welcome.



Rory email sent 2018-11-23 re
Perranzabuloe NDP Social media person(s)


A thought / question.

Post the public meetings, there’s been a good increase in the level of conversation about development and the NDP in the parish.

Would it be an idea for 1 or 2 people to be given the role of monitoring Facebook (and any other social media that ends up being used) so as to potential respond with their view on questions / issues and also to report back to the Steering Group (SG) meetings on the main topics being discussed and any interesting ideas for the SG to consider.

– the public meetings brought forward ideas for the SG to consider ….

If we don’t have 1 or 2 (or more) allocated people, then we are assuming that those of us who do look at Facebook etc. will notice and report back on anything pertinent to the SG.

I personally don’t have time to monitor the main Facebook Groups, although I do look at them from time to time.

– I’m auto notified and deal with anything flagged to Admin for the groups where I’m an admin, which is 3 groups and 1 page, including the Please Listen Perranzabuloe Parish Council Group and our NDP Group and page, but that is different from monitoring all posts.

William, can you again put this down on our growing list of agenda items.



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