2019-06-12 Steering Group Meeting

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan
Steering Group Meeting Wednesday 12th June 2019

Perranzabuloe Parish Offices, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth

1       Public Participation

No members of the public attended.

2       Attendance and Apologies

SG members: Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Susan Dutson, Linda Boylen,  Andrew Bown, Keith Everest, Peter Gaisford, Rory Jenkins (chair), Phil Moore & William Rogers

Observer: Michael Callan (Cornwall Council) .

Roger Kayes, Kevin Havill, Karen Colam & Janine Branch tendered apologies

3       Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 16th May 2019

The minutes were approved:-  Proposed by Rory, seconded by William and accepted unanimously.

4       Matters arising

No issues

5       Amendment of Terms of Reference

The final Terms of Reference for conducting SG business, as drafted by Roger were adopted.

Proposed Rory,  Seconded Andrew Bown, Adopted unanimously.

6       Declarations of Interest

No further issues

7       Discussion of the format of Steering Group meetings

The Parish Council has requested that an additional 2 PCC members be co-opted onto the Steering Group, in the light of Michael Callam, and Karen Colam resigning from the Parish Council..  Peter Gaisford (proposed by William & seconded by Rory) and Sam Boston (proposed by Rory, seconded by SD)  were unanimously accepted onto the SG.

8       Questionnaire

To date over 500 returns had been received (155 on line,348 by return mail.  There are also an unknown quantity deposited in the collection boxes put in stores around the Parish.  It is expected that the final number of returns will be in excess of 25% of those sent out.  This is regarded in the light of other NDPs as being an acceptable response.

The possibility of employing students to transfer data into the Survey Monkey will be investigated.  A rate of £12 per hour was agreed.

It was agreed that .there should be feedback session to the Public (including the draw for the prize for completion of the Questionnaire.) in both Perranporth and Goonhavern  towards the beginning of October.  This should allow sufficient time for processing.

9       Reports from Focus Groups

Housing and Open space

No report this month.


Following a session with Stephen Horscroft, (Cornwall Council Economic Development Officer) it was advised that the business questionnaire has been restructured to be more ‘tick box friendly’. Also, for the sake of ensuring anonymity the questionnaire has been split into two parts.

It was agreed that postal responses shall be sought initially, and follow up calls made to the business addresses that haven’t responded. Also, ballot boxes at

Perranporth Post Office, Perranzabuloe Parish Office and Goonhavern Post Office will be used.

Post meeting it has been agreed that the Business Survey will also be made available on line and recipients of the letter encouraged to preferably complete the online version.

Cycle Track

BETI should look at the start point for the new track in Perranporth (Ponsmere Valley, Wheal Leisure) and for facilities at Goonhavern

Forthcoming Meetings

  • Steering Group:- progress of business questionnaire to be reported, and timing to be given, together with request for printing/mailing etc
  • South West Water. WR has arranged a public meeting. MC, PM, RE & CS will represent BETI
  • Cornwall Council Cycle Network – agreed a follow up meeting would be useful. PM, MC & CS to arrange and participate

Environment and Heritage

Progress is good. Several new assessments came in and other potential sites/surveyors have been identified. There are some issues with format and photos which will require attention, but this will dealt with at a later stage.

The next meeting will be on Weds July 3rd to assess progress.

Sue and CAZI are planning to work on a school intervention exercise involving the engagement of Class 5 and 6 pupils in the LLCA process, and possibly with the Goonhavern Scout Group. There are several people who have been trained to conduct surveys but have not thus far engaged in the actual collection of data.  It is hoped that they would take a more active role in the process.

10  Administration and Background Organisational Matters

Nothing to discuss.

11    Financial Matters

William will produce an up to date finance report at the July Meeting .

12    Any other Business

Taking account of GDPR regulations, Rory will keep all captures personal data until later in the NDP process, when it will be desotrpyed .

13    Dates of future meetings for 2019

Wed 10th July
Thu 15th Aug
Tue 10th Sep
Wed 16th Oct
Thu 14th Nov
Tue 10th Dec

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