Focus Group Meeting Monday 7th December 2020

Attendance and apologies

A meeting of Focus Group heads was held virtually on Zoom on Monday 7th December 2020   by Rory, Roger, William, Philip and Kevin. Michael Callam apologised for not attending.

Approval of Issues raised at the Zoom Meeting held on 10th November

  • William obtained Technical Assistance from ‘Localities’/AECOM for producing the Design guide
  • Roger has completed his draft settlement boundary maps and is discussing these with Sarah Furley (CC).
  • Initial comments have been received from David Watkins (CC) and Simon Jefferies (EA) regarding policies on the Coastal Management Plan.

Reports, Timing and Action Plans from Focus Groups


  • Roger showed on screen the draft settlement boundary maps. On the advice of Sarah Furley, the open land immediately south of Ramouth Way should be included with the SB. Consideration had been given to the means of excluding this area, given its visual significance when viewed from the main part of the Village.
  • The possibility of including the open area south of Ramouth Way as a Local Green Space is being considered.
  • Roger still needs to complete the policies on PRP/Green Wedge. He has.  been continuing work with Stuart Wallace, with the Open Space survey of Goonhavern, with input from Ken Yeo and Steve Arthur.


  • Kevin will require several maps for which he requires to use the service of ‘Parish on the line’ offered by the Ordinance Survey at a cost of £290 plus VAT. This expenditure was approved.
  • Kevin will continue discussions with Dave Watkins (CC) regarding the Coastal Management policies.
  • Kevin believes that there is evidence for the need of areas for employment, being retail and commercial as well as seasonal.
  • AECOM (a free service through Localities) is assisting Kevin in the production of a design guide.

Environment and Heritage

  • William is to contact Sarah Furley and Kath Statham both of Cornwall Council regarding professional help to take on Christine’s brief, including the finalisation of the Local Landscape Character Assessment.

Stuart Todd

  • No issues.

Report Back from meetings and contacts with external parties.

  • No issues.

Any Other Business

  • Roger has produced a programme, indicating completion by the end of 2021

Date of Nest Meeting

  • Early January subject to ‘Doodle Poll’
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