Focus Group Meeting Tuesday 12th January 2021

Attendance and apologies

A meeting of Focus Group heads was held virtually on Zoom on Tuesday 12th January 2021 by Rory, Roger, William, Philip Moore, Philip Henwood, Peter Gaisford, Jo Penticost and Kevin. Sam Boston and Andrew Bowen apologised for not attending.

Prior to the formal meeting, Jo Penticost of Perranzabuloe Parish Council gave a presentation on the need for automobile electric charging points in the Parish.

Approval of Issues raised at the Zoom Meeting held on 10tth December 2020

Approved unanimously

Reports, Timing and Action Plans from Focus Groups


Roger confirmed that his portion of the NDP was finalised except for about 2 days’ work, before it could be sent in its final form to Stuart Todd.


The Design Guide will be developed on behalf of the Parish by AECOM Architectural Consultants with funding from the Localities Office within the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG). The Design Guide will be a standalone document that defines the preferred styles, approach, appearance and materials for use in future residential and commercial developments within the Parish.

The Design Guide and associated Design Codes can be seen as an Annex linked directly to the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Perranzabuloe and will be referenced as such with the final NDP document. This will provide a reference framework for future developments in the Parish for both developers and subsequently for planners officiating over planning decisions. Design and Design Guides are likely to play a significant role in future development decisions according to recently published new guidelines from the Government. The Design Guide should be developed and published within the same time frame as the NDP final draft.

It was recognised within the NDP Steering Group that we did not have the specialist skills and knowledge to develop design guides ourselves, and we needed to get professional expertise and know how to undertake the process.   We therefore sought funding from DCLG to commission this important piece of work.

The Design Guide will also include recommendations for making enhancements and redesign of the appearance and structuring of the main commercial areas’ of Perranporth village. However, a full Masterplan exercise of Perranporth is beyond the scope of the funding secured from DCLG.  I is expected that this work  will be completed by mid-April

It is recommended that subsequent to the NDP, the Parish Council should look to fund a separate full Masterplan exercise as a follow-on to the Design Guide. AECOM would be the obvious choice to undertake this important follow-on work.

The time scale for by AECOM Architectural Consultants to deliver the Design Guide, which will strengthen the ND,P ties in with other Steering Group work being completed for the end of April. As the Design Guide is almost entirely document referenced by the main body of the NDP it will not cause a delay to the project timeline.

Information is still required from Simon Jeffries (EA), and Dave Watkins (CC), concerning Flooding & Coastal Management

Kevin is exploring the potential for business units around the new A30 corridor, as well as determining (as far as possible) the Perranporth to St Agnes cycle route.

The potential of Cligger for increased development is being investigated.

Environment and Heritage

Through advice gained from Sarah Furley and Kath Stratham of Cornwall Council, Louise Wilson-Richards or Tirwell Landscape Consultancy (Truro) has been appointed to complete the work originally undertaken by Christine Ashby-Zwozdiak, for an agreed fee of £2100 plus VAT. Rory and William will be discussing this with Lucy on a Zoom call on 14th

Stuart Todd

  • No issues.

Report Back from meetings and contacts with external parties.

  • No issues.

Any Other Business

  • Roger has produced a programme, indicating completion by the end of 2021/early 2022
  • Philip Henwood has offered to take high definition photographs of the area
  • All information will be transferred from ‘Drop Box’ to ‘Google Drive’ .

Post meeting note

  • Post the meeting Rory, the chairperson, reflected that in this meeting he failed to keep to this meeting structured, as set out towards the end of 2020, so that each group only gets involved with the progress of other groups, unless asked, once they have first completed all the work for their own particular group.

Date of Nest Meeting

  • Early February, subject to ‘Doodle Poll’
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