Focus Group Meeting Wednesday 10th February 2021

Attendance and apologies

A virtual meeting of Focus Group heads was held on Zoom on Wednesday 10th February 2021 with Rory, Roger, William, Philip Moore, Philip Henwood, Peter Gaisford,  Kevin Havill, Sam Boston, Andrew Bowen, Michael Callum, and Susan Dutson.

Tatiana Cant & Stuart Todd also attended. Louise Wilson-Richards apologised for not attending.

Approval of Issues raised at the Zoom Meeting held on 10th January 2021

Approved unanimously

Matters arising from the Zoom Meeting held on 10th January 2021

Kevin will write to Sarah Furley (CC) regarding the Flooding and Coastal Management section of the NDP

Reports, Timing and Action Plans from Focus Groups

Rory, Philip Moor, Kevin &

William met with representatives of the Parish Council to report on progress.  The following issues were raised:

  • The pre-submission draft of the NDP is aimed to be completed by end April 2021.
  • The Parish Council has offered their resources to assist the NDP team, including help from Tatiana.
  • The Design Document being prepared by AECOM will be ready in time to match this date.
  • AECOM advises upon a second document effectively providing a Master Plan for the Parish development would be of use. They have written to Localities to see whether a grant could be available for this.  If not, Will requested that the Parish Council consider paying instead (about £10,000).


Roger expects to complete his section by Middle March


  • Philip Moor met with Simon Hargreaves (AECOM) in Perranporth on Tuesday 02 February, to collect data for the Design Report
  • Kevin is working with Stuart on the map production. Similarly, Lucy Wilson-Richards is in touch with Kevin & Stuart.
  • No comments received from Dave Watkins or Simon Jeffreys regarding to Flooding & Coastal Management.
  • Kevin has required details of the ownership of the airfield. William Will investigate

Environment and Heritage

Lucy Wilson-Richards expects to complete her sections of work by Mid-March.  This includes the completion of the LLCA report, with the necessary additional fieldwork, started by Katherine Statham (CC).

Stuart Todd

  • Stuart is working with word and is happy for the use of Track Changes.
  • It was agreed to get quotes for a graphic designer to apply consistent and improved design to the final document(s) as they head into the consultation phases.
  • All work will be transferred through Google Drive.
  • Stuart advised that Localities have allowed an additional £1000 grant as a result of the Corona Virus. William will investigate this.

Report Back from meetings and contacts with external parties.

  • Kevin has held meetings at Trevissome Park and with Sebastian Parker at Callestick Ice Cream

Any Other Business

Discussion concerning the publication of the Plan suggested mailshots, flyers Notices in shops and offices.  This is to be a separate heading in the March agenda.

Minutes are not updated on the website at present. It is not regarded as prudent to place all decisions at this time in the Public Domain.

Tatiana Cant has offered to proof read documentation.

Date of Nest Meeting

  • Mid-March, subject to ‘Doodle Poll’
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