Focus Group Meeting Tuesday 16th March 2021

Attendance and apologies

A virtual meeting of Focus Group heads was held on Zoom on Tuesday 16th March 2021 with Stuart Todd, Rory, Roger, William, Philip Moore, Philip Henwood, Kevin Havill, Sam Boston, Michael Callum, Lucy Wilson-Richards, and Susan Dutson.

Andrew Bown apologised for not attending.

Approval of Issues raised at the Zoom Meeting held on 10th Febuary 2021

Approved unanimously

Matters arising from the Zoom Meeting held on 10th February 2021

KH is still trying to contact Dave Watkins (CC) and Simon Jefferies (EA) ref Coastal Management.  Michael Callum has offered to assist.

Reports, Timing and Action Plans from Focus Groups

AECOM has secured a grant from Localities to produce the Master Plan- No Financial assistance from PCC is needed.  The Master Plan is expected to be completed by end April.

Simon Hargreaves (AECOM) has been requested to link up with Stuart Todd, who has asked to be sent the first draft of the Design Guide.

Kevin wishes to contact the owner of the airfield (John George in Guernsey).  Michael Callum can supply details


Roger expects to complete his section by 30 March


Phil Moore has requested a meeting with Sturt Todd and Roger to finalise anomalies with the settlement boundaries.  Stuart Todd will send additional information on this.

The possibility to use Cligga for open space development is queried, due to the ground contamination, and the proximity to World Heritage site.

Kevin is considering provision of employment areas along the new A30, and the provision of the proposed cycle track to St Agnes.  He is also evaluating retail areas and the possibility of Park & Ride facilities for the summer months.

Kevin with some support Phillip H  and Phil Moore have done some work on the mapping and classifying of Open Spaces using Parish OnLine.  Kevin has produced the Open Spaces Gazette which identifies each of these individually in terms of location, category etc.

Environment & Heritage

Lucy considers that she has essentially finished the additions and queries to the LLCA produced earlier by Kathryn Strathern, and is completing the fieldwork for the Views and Vistas.

Lucy is preparing an additional Heritage asset list.

Stuart Todd

Maps are still required in places.

Report Back from meetings and contacts with external parties.


Any Other Business


Date of Nest Meeting

Early April, subject to ‘Doodle Poll’

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