Focus Group Meeting Wednesday 23rd June 2021

  1. Attendance and apologies

A virtual meeting of Focus Group heads was held on Zoom.


  • Kevin Havill,
  • Lucy Richards,
  • Phil Moore,
  • Philip Henwood,
  • Roger Kayes,
  • Rory Jenkins,
  • Stuart Todd,
  • Sue Dutson.
  • William Rogers
  1. Approval of notes raised at the previous Zoom Meeting held on 19th May 2021

Approved unanimously

  1. Matters arising from the Zoom Meeting held on 19th May 2021
  • Simon Jefferies has completed his section on Coastal management and forwarded these to Kevin for onward transmission to
  • AECOM are collating the comments on the Design Guide and the Master Plan. These have been forwarded to Phil for transmittal to
  • Roger’s write up is complete and has been forwarded to Stuart
  • Settlement boundaries still need to be agreed between Roger & Phil.
  • William has sent a write up on Tamblyn Way to
  1. Reports, Timing and Action Plans from Focus Groups


  • Roger has circulated his Evidence for his housing policies and submitted this paper to Stuart.


  • All items completed and have been forwarded Stuart .

     Environment & Heritage

  • LLCA complete except for some additional photographs, similarly the main E & H report is being completed between Lucy & Stuart.
  1. Stuart Todd Associates
  • All items covered in the meeting notes above.
  1. Public engagement and meetings
  • To be carried to next meeting
  1. Report back from meetings and contacts with external parties, including Parish Council
  • All other items covered in the meeting above.
  • It was agreed to contact Cornwall Council for their views on the positioning of settlement boundaries.
  1. Any Other Business
  • It was agreed to disband the focus groups. Contact with Stuart via the shared drive will be restricted to Rory and William
  1. Dates of future meetings
  • Rory to instigate a Doodle poll for the week that includes 19th July

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