Focus Group Meeting Wednesday 20th July 2021

Attendance and apologies

A virtual meeting of Focus Group heads was held on Zoom.


  • Kevin Havill,
  • Phil Moore,
  • Philip Henwood,
  • Roger Kayes,
  • Rory Jenkins,
  • Stuart Todd,
  • William Rogers
  • Tatiana Cant (PPC Clerk)

Lucy Richards apologised

  1. Approval of notes raised at the previous Zoom Meeting held on 23rd June 2021

Approved unanimously

  1. Matters arising from the Zoom Meeting held on 19th May 2021
  • AECOM are collating the comments on the Design Guide and the Master Plan. These have been forwarded to Phil for transmittal to Stuart.  There are still issues to be clarified, and will be finalised through a conversation between Phil and AECOM.
  • Roger’s write up is complete and has been forwarded to Stuart.
  • The outstanding settlement boundary questions are with Cornwall Council for any view / input in time for Rory to then put the final say with the external NDP examiner. This should be before the document(s) are passed to the Parish Council.
  • Supporting documents & evidence reports have been sent to Rory for placing on the web site. Progress is at
  • Stuart is completing editing of the EH documentation (including LLCA) with Lucy.

Status of Documents

Documents be proof read by Tuesday 3rd August, and passed to PPC for comment and agreement at the main PPC meeting on 13 September.

The documents will be forwarded to CC for formal comment after 13 September

Stuart Todd Associates

  • All items covered in the meeting notes above.
  1. Public engagement and meetings
  • To be carried to next meeting / to when all the documents are complete.
  1. Report back from meetings and contacts with external parties, including Parish Council
  2. Any Other Business

Initial feedback from Cornwall Council and the NDP external independent examiner re Settlement Boundaries has included that:

  • Developments in gardens are Brownfield sites so under the NPPF, they can’t see how a Settlement Boundary will impact a possible planning application. Other normal considerations will have to be met.
  • St Agnes has had multiple small (below 10 properties ….) applications approved beyond it’s Settlement Boundary.
  1. Dates of future meetings
  • Tuesday 27th July at 8pm

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