2018-02-06 BETI meeting notes

Perranporth Neighbourhood Development Plan – BETI Focus Group
Notes: 6th February 2018 7-9pm (Parish Rooms)


Kevin Havill (Chair), Simon Jefferies, Karen Colam (PC), Philip Moore, Mike Callan (CC Consultant), William Rogers (PC), Tanya Mocke, Richard Mocke


Andrew Bown, Jackie Byatt

Meeting Introduction

  • Kevin Havill gave a welcome and introduction for newcomers to the meeting
  • An extract of the CPRE guidelines for developing NDP was distributed
  • Kevin proposed a draft Vision Statement for a 12 year plan for discussion

Vision Statement

  • To create an environment for a healthy, vibrant and thriving local economy serving the needs of all year round residents and visitors alike. Perranzabuloe will seek to attract and retain people and their families who can live, work and enjoy active leisure time in the locality.
  • Businesses including those within new technologies sectors will be attracted to establish and grow through the provision of new infrastructure, a local labour pool and suitable premises.


 1) Vision statement has to relate to the ‘branding and communications’ strategy.

2) It is essentially a regeneration process to create a twelve month high quality living environment to be enjoyed by all.

Objectives for Consideration

  • Engender an attractive community character for the whole Parish
  • Develop major improvements of the ‘high-scape’ / ‘town-scape’ for Perranporth
  • Create a town-scape flow with much improved way-finding and signage
  • Support initiatives to promote ‘Plastic Free Perranporth’

Aside: Perranporth is at the vanguard for ‘Plastic Free Beaches’

Aside: Most shops are owned by Lord Falmouth / Tregothnan Estates. Now very commercial in business outlook and dealings.

  • Encourage development of retail space to accommodate commercial daily needs shops
  • Encourage upstairs commercial usage of retail premises
  • Encourage regular events and markets to generate footfall (perhaps consider development of a ‘Pannier Market’ facility for all-weather events/markets)
  • Progress plans for partial pedestrianisation of main town thoroughfare / high street using traffic management (e.g. one-way schemes etc)

Aside: Reference Eddies/MC’s plan related to pedestrianisation of Perranporth

  • Improvement of footpath provision on major accesses to Perranporth
  • Improve the Perranporth ‘journey’ and include the beach frontage in this journey

Aside: Reference should be made to the land-bank owned by the Parish

  • Look to improve existing footpaths and bridleways in the Parish (e.g. Liskey Hill, New Road, Budnic Hill etc)
  • Explore the development of NEW footpaths / bridleways / Cycleways (e.g. utilise parts of the disused railway embankment to create Bolingey to Goonhavern access – and also ultimately Bolingey to Newquay access)
  • Enhance the existing 56 footpaths in the Parish (one of the richest areas in the county, reference Irene Carter)
  • Explore development of Digital Economy in the Parish
    • Actively promote Perranporth and wider Parish as ‘Digital Centre’ for integrated business and lifestyle
    • Facilitate support for existing digital business and promote new digital start-ups in Parish
    • Create an in-town Workhub / Innovation Centre (e.g. Workbox Penzance like)
    • Investigate the availability of Ultrafast broadband in the Parish
    • Investigate external funding sources to develop suitable high quality workspace and support systems (e.g. Coastal Communities Fund, Nesta, etc)
  • Development Cligga Industrial Space
    • Create new higher quality industrial units
    • Accommodate local warehousing
    • Accommodate local service organisations
  • Develop Cligga heritage, tourism potential (some of the best views in Cornwall) and leisure activities
  • Explore and help facilitate the redirection of Newquay targeted traffic from the west to utilise the proposed B30 (existing A30) to miss Goonhavern (and vice versa). This could make Goonhavern a much more coherent village through a major traffic reduction on A3075)
    • Better utilisation of B30 once new A30 dual carriage way is in place
    • HE development funding is available through their section 106 obligations.
    • Cornwall Council highways support would be needed to upgrade existing link roads (e.g. Scotland road etc).
    • This could create major benefits for the Parish from this major transport investment (present proposals have little benefit for the Parish from many perspectives)
    • Further housing development could be facilitated in Goonhavern with benefits from supporting infrastructure.
  • Develop ‘landmark building’ for Perranporth Heritage Centre on Droskyn
    • Explore development funding via A30 dualling investment
    • Exploit St Piran history
    • Exploit the Poldark phenomena
    • Exploit Mining and Nobel heritage (World Heritage Site)
  • Regenerate the ‘Rose Amphitheatre’
    • Improve up-keep, accessibility and parking
    • Promote as a key feature in the Parish
    • Utilise for local events / activities
  • Redevelop steps for beach access from Droskyn side of shoreline
  • Develop new footpath / cycleway utilising former railway embankment from Bolingey to Goonhavern, and possibly Newquay
    • Earmark land use for this purpose
    • Explore recovery of missing links of railway
    • Explore development funding via A30 dualling investment under section 106
    • Engage support of ‘Sustran’
  • Look to promote the Parish section of the SW Coast Path to benefit the Parish further
  • Explore the option of creating a ‘beach-side’ Amphitheatre

2018-01-24 BETI meeting notes

Perranporth Neighbourhood Plan – BETI Focus Group

Notes: 24th January 2018 7-9pm (Parish Rooms)


Kevin Havill (Chair), Andrew Bown, Simon Jefferies, Karen Colam (PC), Philip Moore, Mike Callan (CC Consultant), William Rogers (PC)


Guy Thomas (Cornwall Council)


Jackie Byatt

Note: All discussions and considerations relate to the whole ‘Parish’ unless stated otherwise.

Reference sources: Cornwall Council Project Plan for NDP Development see:


Themes for Group:

Business / Employment / Transport / Infrastructure (BETI)

It was agreed the group would review each of these themes as a starting point for subsequent discussions and planning tasks.

Business – areas to consider

  • Retail & Services (the high street and wider)
  • Industrial Estate(s)
  • Agriculture (including Farms, Horticulture, Garden Centres etc)
  • Home based businesses
  • Arts and Crafts businesses
  • Professional Services (accountants, solicitors, etc not high street based)
  • Commercial Accommodation (Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B’s, etc)
  • Tourism functions (e.g. Beach tourism, Coast Path tourism, Heritage tourism, Sports related tourism, etc)
  • Holiday homes
  • Caravan Parks / Lodges etc (probably largest sector of the business community by T/O in Parish – it includes Perran Sands, Liskey Hill, New Perran, Lake View, Oyster Bay, Monkey Tree, etc.)
  • Other?

What exists in the Parish?

Survey(s) to garner information?

Possible sources of information and advice:

  • Cornwall Chamber of Commerce – Kim Conchie
  • Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
  • Cornwall Council (Mike Callan / CEO Kate Canally)
  • Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)
  • LEP Cornwall Strategic Plan / LEP Smart Specialisation Themes
  • Cornwall Council – Cornwall Strategic Economic Plan
  • Companies House
  • Major land owners inc. Tregothnan / Lord Falmouth
  • Highways Agency – A30 dualling development between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross (£350M investment, including £15 mitigation investment)

Possible areas of interest:

  • The Digital Economy (aligns to one of the LEP Smart Specialisation themes)
    • NB: Smart Specialisation themes include: Low carbon development; digital economy; agri-tech; and marine tech.
  • Innovation Hubs (Trevissome Eco-Park) and New Business Park close to new A30 or B30 (existing A30 route)
  • Workhubs (e.g. The Workbox in Penzance)
  • Scaleable businesses
  • Creating knowledge based high value jobs? (e.g. digital economy; software dev.; etc)
  • Determining which areas could be designated for business development opportunities

Possible Sources of Funding:

  • Coastal Communities Fund – National Scheme with next call due in Spring 2018

Employment – areas to consider

  • Existing skill sets
  • Skill sets needed
  • Training
  • Education
  • New employment opportunities?
  • Job types / wage structures
  • Move towards creating high value knowledge based jobs.

Possible related tasks:

  • Under 18’s survey of their employment aspirations / interests (possibly an annex to a wider more general survey).
  • Suggestion boxes throughout Parish.

Transport  – areas to consider

  • New A30 development building new dual carriage way (total investment of £350m via Highways England with associated £15m in site development fund)
  • Designated B30 following completion of the new A30
  • Perranporth Airfield (consider alignment with St Agnes Parish)
  • Car Parks owned by Cornwall Council
  • Car Parks owned by Parish
  • Car Parks privately owned
  • Provision of Park & Ride schemes (e.g. at Cligga or Goonhavern)
  • Bus services and wider provision (Community buses)
  • Other public transport
  • Cycling provision and potential improvements
  • Speed issues on public roads in the Parish
  • Footpath & Bridleway provision and potential improvements
  • Viability of a Perranporth – Newquay link (via old railway track)

Important  considerations:

  • Accessibility
  • Utilising the spacial plan (LNP is essentially about spacial planning) – what works by considering the Parish?

Infrastructure  – areas to consider

  • Shoreline protection & management / Marine Protection
  • Shoreline based businesses
  • Sewage provision and potential improvements
  • Water provision
  • Health and Wellbeing provision (Doctors surgery, Dental surgery)
  • Veterinary provision
  • Broadband provision
  • School provision (e.g. possible new site for the School)
  • Hotel provision (protecting existing provision and potentially increasing capacity and quality)
  • Retirement and Care-home provision
  • Sports related provision
  • Leisure facilities (e.g. Boating lake and Gardens, ???)
  • Surf Life Saving Club
  • Community rooms and buildings (e.g. Library, Museum, Memorial Hall, Garden Charities Rooms, Parish Rooms, etc.)

Important considerations:

  • Consider all areas of the Parish (e.g. Goonhavern)
  • Use of Parish council resources
  • Use of Cornwall Council levy (use of section 106)
  • Designation of areas for certain functions / provision
  • Possible new site for School
  • Possible new site for Health Centre
  • Possible provision of community local green energy / smart grids.
  • Potential for new commercial development (e.g. Innovation parks, business parks, Workhubs, etc.)

Important organisations / agencies:

  • Southwest Water
  • Environment Agency
  • Energy Companies (e.g. EDF, SSE, etc.)
  • BT / Openreach
  • Highways Agency
  • Waste and Recycling companies

Current sports & leisure provision in Parish

  • Beach sports (Surfing, Kite surfing, Wind Surfing, Para Gliding, Gig Rowing, Kayaking, etc.)
  • SW Coast Path
  • Beach Sea Pool
  • Surf Life Saving Club
  • Perranporth Rugby Ground
  • Football Ground
  • Cricket Ground
  • Perranporth Golf Course
  • Bowling Green
  • Perranporth Tennis Club / Courts
  • Snooker Club
  • Flying/ Gliding?
  • Sky Diving
  • Course Fishing lakes
  • Sea Fishing (shore based and in-boats)
  • Others

Aside: Beach has been owned by Parish since 1937.


NEXT MEETING:  19:00- 21:00 Tuesday 6th February, PC Offices

Agenda to include:

  •                 Vision statement – group work
  •                 Identification of tasks to assemble evidential database
  •                 Consideration of areas requiring external funding
  •                 Steering Committee Report
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