A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross roadworks

As the works on upgrading the A30 single carriageway between Chiverton Cross and Carland Cross roundabouts has become more obvious more in the community are asking about this.

It will have an impact on most who live +/or work in Perranzabuloe.

The Highways England website address for the latest, plus historic documents is at https://highwaysengland.co.uk/our-work/south-west/a30-chiverton-to-carland-cross/

The route overview is there, or direct link to the PDF is:


There are also more detailed maps for specific sections:

2019-05-14 BETI Meeting Minutes

Perranporth Neighbourhood Development Plan – BETI Focus Group
Notes: 14th May 2019 (PC Parish Rooms )


Kevin Havill – Chair (KH), Philip Moore – Vice Chair (PRM), Clive Stevens (CS), Richard Eves
(RE), Mike Callan – CC Consultant (MC)


Karen Colam (KC), Andrew Bown (AB), Richard Page (RP), Jim Hewitt (JH), Sharon
Hewitt (SH), Keith Everest (KE), Mark Trevethen (MT), William Rogers – Parish Council Rep

1. Previous Minutes

  • Minutes of the previous meeting on 9th April 2019 – Approved

2. Business Questionnaire

  • Following the session with Stephen Horscroft, Counwall Council Economic
    Development Officer the questionnaire has been restructured to be more
    ‘tick box’. Also for the sake of ensuring anonymity the questionnaire has been
    split into two parts. The first recording the respondent and the second the
    detailed information. The two parts will be separated when the information
    is analysed.
  • Both sections and the covering letter reviewed as a group.
  • Agreed that postal responses shall be sought in the first hand and follow up
    calls made to business addresses that haven’t responded. Also ballot boxes at
    Perranporth Post Office, Perranzabuloe Parish Office and Goonhavern Post
    Office to be used.
  • Timing – agreed that the questionnaires will be sent out 1st September with a
    request for returns by 23rd September, thereafter personal calls will be
  • At the previous meeting it was agreed to break the parish into sectors and
    divide meeting individual businesses amongst each group. Not all BETI
    members present at the meeting so preliminary division suggested as

    • Team One: Team Leaders Sharon and Jim Hewitt, assisted by Clive
      • Goonhavern
      • Callestick
      • Silverwell
      • Chiverton Cross
      • Perranwell
    • Team Two: Team Leader: Phil Moore
      • New Road & Station Road Perranporth
      • Bolingey
      • Rose
    • Team Three: Team Leader- Mike Callan, assisted by Kevin Havill
      and Andrew Bown
      • Central Perranporth
      • Cligga
      • Trevissome Park
    • Team Four: Team Leader Keith Everest
      • Holiday Parks

Given the anticipated volume of personal calls required it was agreed that the
various team leaders will co-opt other helpers as required

3. Other Recent Meetings

  • Cornwall Council Economic Officer, Stephen Horscroft. Issues to raised:
    • Draft Business questionnaire – this has been updated
    • Draft Policies – discussed and his input received
    • Re-use of caravan parks – He will come back to us on this
    • Employment use of land near Chiverton Cross and on the detrunked
      A30 – He will come back to us on this
    • Availability of European Structural Funds – Looking doubtful that we
      will qualify in time
  • KH had been invited to attend a presentation by Bill Grimsey to Cornwall
    Council regarding the regeneration of town centres and high streets. Main

    • High Streets are changing form and need to rely on more than just
    • Local leadership and marketing key
    • Biggest current threats are Brexit, Austerity, Business Rates and
    • Parking must be free
    • Concentrate the active zones and reuse the non active

4. Forthcoming Meetings

  • Steering Group, progress of business questionnaire and timing to be
    given together with request for printing/mailing etc
  • South west Water. WR has arranged a public meeting. MC, PM, RE &
    CS will represent BETI
  • Cornwall Council Cycle Network – agreed a follow up meeting would
    be useful. PM, MC & CS to arrange and participate

5. Cycle Track

  •  BETI should look at the start point for the new track in Perranporth
    (Ponsmere Valley, Wheal Leisure??) and for facilities at Goonhavern

6. AOB

  • Health and Wellbeing – still outstanding. On KH’s to do list

Next meeting over the summer period:
To be called by Phil Moore as necessary

2019-02-07 BETI Meeting #9 Agenda

12th February 2019; 19:00

Parish Council Offices, Chyanhale, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth


  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Minutes of last BETI meeting #8, 23rd January 2019
  3. Continued Review of BETI category policies in other NDPs ( Bude, Crantock, Chacewater, Illogen, Newquay, Roche, St Agnes, St Ives)
  4. Next Steps
  5. Other Issues
  6. Dates of next meetings

2019-01-23 BETI Meeting #8 Agenda

23rd January; 19:00 Parish Council Offices, Chyanhale, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth, TR6 0DB.


  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Minutes of last BETI meeting #7, 16th January 2019
  3. Review of BETI category policies in other NDPs ( Bude, Crantock, Chacewater, Illogen, Newquay, Roche, St Agnes)
  4. Next Steps
  5. Other Issues
  6. Dates of next meetings

2019-01-17 BETI Meeting Minutes – Meeting #7

Perranporth Neighbourhood Development Plan – BETI Focus Group

Notes: 17th January 2019  (Parish Rooms)


Kevin Havill – Chair (KH)), Philip Moore – Vice Chair (PRM), Mike Callan – (CC Consultant (MC), Andrew Bown (AB),  Karen Colam – Parish Council Rep (KC) Roger Kayes (RK), Clive Stevens, Gail Hammond, Paul Hammond, Richard Page, Sharon Hewitt, Jim Hewitt, Richard Eves, Colin Brewer, Mark Trevethen

Apologies: ,William Rogers – Parish Council Rep (WR), Keith Everest

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome address by KH.
    • All attendees gave a brief introduction of themselves.
    • Brief explanation made of the NDP position in planning policy hierarchy and the various steps involved to getting to an adopted plan.
    • Q’s and A’s as to relevance and effectiveness of an NDP. Relative merits and weaknesses discussed and MC confirmed that the NDP will be a very useful tool by which he and other Cornwall Councillors could represent Perranzabuloe’s best interests.
  • KH suggested attendees gain familiarity with the perranplan.co.uk website and review past meeting minutes.


  1. Previous Minutes
  • Minutes of the previous meeting on16th May 2018 – Approved
  • Explanation of slow progress since of the last meeting explained as the need for Steering Group to finalise and distribute flyers to each household (September) and then hold public meetings (November/December)
  • Sincerely hoped that faster progress will be made during 2019!
  • Meeting with Sarah Furley, Cornwall Council in December 2018 explained. Following this meeting Sarah undertook to review and comment on BETI issues supplied by KH for discussion purposes and their relevance to the NDP. A copy of her reply is attached to these minutes (Annex 1).


  1. Current Tasks
  • By mid February we need to identify the issues from which to draft policies and objectives. For example:


  • Business/Employment
    • Crate and support all year round employment
    • Support retail and services in Perranporth Village
    • Designate areas for new employment premises
    • Support and control of tourism


  • Transport
    • Cycle tracks and footpath network
    • Park ‘n’ Ride for Perranporth
    • Designation of land for bypass for Goonhavern


  • Infrastructure
    • Policies controlling development without improvements to the SWW drainage system +/or health and welfare & possibly education (MC liaising with local action group)


  • By mid March we need to have drafted questions to be included in the questionnaire to be sent to all households in the parish.
    • The purpose of this questionnaire will be to assess support for draft policies and to garner evidence for the creation of others
  • Show of hands as to who present would be prepared to work on these tasks
    • Majority supportive


  1. Working Methods


  • Agreed to look at other Cornish NDP’s to draw on the experience of others
  • RK asked to provide links to relevant NDP’s

(Aside these have been received from Roger and are also attached as an annex to these notes, Annex 2)

  • Suggested by CK that we contact other NDP groups to benefit from their experience- agreed KH to initiate.
  • The idea of creating sub groups at this stage not supported at this stage
  • Agreed to hold regular, ie fortnightly or three weekly meetings to get these tasks completed.


Next meeting: TBC 19:00 – 21-00 at the Parish Rooms, 23rdJanuary 2019




Topics raised with Sarah Furley, Group Leader, Neighbourhood Plans, Cornwall Council

Topics raised in black font.  S.F. replies in blue.


BETI Summary list of issues    19.12.18
1.      Improvements to Perranporth centre

o       Design Standards for shop fronts, signage, pedestrian and mobility access, landscaping

You could have a character statement for the town centre, emphasising the positive elements that you wish to reinforce and require new development to demonstrate how it responds to that. Some of the elements listed will not require planning permission.

Here is a simple (ish!) government guide to Advertisement Control  which tells you when signs and adverts require consent.

o       Use of upper parts above shops with emphasis to create either employment space or permanent residential use rather than holiday lets
The creation of 1 or 2 residential units above a shop is permitted development – so planning permission is not required to do this and you therefore don’t have control over how that property is used.

It is also permitted development for use for up to 2 years of any A1 (retail) property to be used as any use falling within Class A1 (shops), Class A2 (financial and professional services), Class A3 (restaurants and cafes) or Class B1 (business) of that Schedule, for a single continuous period of up to 2 years.

So I’m not sure you can have  a policy to encourage this – you might have a statement in your vision for the town centre to show that you wish to encourage this use, but if something doesn’t need planning permission you can’t have a policy for it. You can have a policy to retain commercial uses on the ground floor of the town centre – define your main commercial area and resist changes of use away from commercial on the ground floor (see also Policy 4 of the Cornwall Local Plan.)

o       Requirements for rear servicing of new retail space
If you are allocating a site you could masterplan and require this. As a general policy, it may not always be the right solution. If this is about Perranporth main street, it could be a criteria in a general policy about retail in the town centre, but should be caveated ( eg  it should be provided ‘where possible’)

o       Traffic and parking improvements –  one way flow and improved hard & soft landscaping This can’t be achieved through planning policy. Your NDP might include a vision for the town centre and identify projects for traffic flow, on street parking and landscaping improvements. Discuss these with the Highways Network Manager, Adrian Drake adrian.drake@cormacltd.co.uk  and prioritise these projects for CIL spend.

o       Regulation of Use Classes Order to restrict arcades, betting shops, loan sharks, seasonal trades NDP can’t prevent changes of use which are permitted development – check here http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596/made(or this is a simpler guide: https://www.knightfrank.co.uk/use-class-orders#A) But could resist change of use where permission isrequired , for example from A1 shop to A5 hot food takeaway.

o       Regulation of new food premises with off site consumption being banned from using plastic (Perranporth is a plastic free community) Agree – but this is a project – can’t be controlled by a planning policy. The NDP could resist the proliferation of hot food takeaways if this is an issue, by protecting and retaining retail use.

  1. All year round economy

o       Enlargement of non tourist related employment base – presumption in favour

Policy to safeguard existing employment space and supporting new business development (where? Within or adjacent to settlements?) Do you have a clear idea of what business needs are?

o       (AirB&B regulation?  Currently most residential property used for all year round holiday letting are classified as businesses and do not pay business rates, block accommodation that could free up the housing list and help fuel capital value increases. Permanent homes also used for AirB&B could be seen as different. – Obviously we need to test views but what precedents are there?)
There’s a limit to what you can do through planning, especially in existing housing stock. Currently Air B&B is not regulated. We are aware of the pressures that coastal communities face, but in terms of planning powers, you can only place conditions on new properties. So your NDP can place a principal residence condition on new properties, prioritise affordable housing, which is restricted to local occupancy, or locate development in areas that are less likely to appeal as holiday lets. But you can’t control this market using planning powers – licensing and changes to tax regime are more effective.

Guide Note: principal residence policies

  1. New employment space

o       Promotion of new business spaces at Chiverton, Callestick, Goonhavern and Perranporth. Including designation of sites for new technology hub and other A3, B1 & B8.  This answers my question above! Have you got market info to support this?

  1. Highways and Traffic Management

o       Park and Ride parking to alleviate summer traffic jams

NDP could allocate a site for this – but would need a partner to operate the transport.

o       Traffic calming – including introduction of 20 mph areas
A project – issue to discuss with Highways Network Manager.

o       Cycle lanes on existing roads
A project – issue to discuss with Highways Network Manager and Sustrans (see below)

o       Designation of land for Goonhavern bypass
Could safeguard a route – has this been discussed with strategic transport team?

  1. Footpaths, cycle tracks

o       Safe access to and from bus stops including pavements and ramps – minimum design standards
If you are allocating a development site you can specify that a pavement be provided to link to the nearest bus stop – but otherwise an NDP doesn’t have the power to create pavements. You might use access to bus tops as a criteria in site selection.

o       Designated routes for foot and cycle connection from Perranporth to Goonhavern and beyond to Newquay and Truro
use the mapping to understand your PRoW network. Locate development to link into this. Consider creating some permissive paths Permissive paths to link up routes. Speak to Sustrans Area Manager, Simon Murray simon.murray@cornwall.gov.uk  or01872 224415 and see technical information note.Sustrans Walking and Cycling Network Guide

  1. Infrastructure

o       SWW MOU to be pursued. New development to follow similar requirements for drainage anyway
Both William Rogers and I are chasing our contact at SWW!

o       Land reserved for community uses including education and healthcare following further expansion of either Perranporth or Goonhavern

Need to liaise with Paul Renowden, the Education Capital Strategy Officer, to see what the plans are for your area: paul.renowden@cornwall.gov.ukor01872 323921 and agree with landowners.

o       Inclusion of Coastal Change Management Issues in the NDP to plan for long term effects of rising sea levels and climate change.  [Added by Roger: we understand that we should contact Dave Watkins, the CC officer responsible for the Shoreline Management Plan, who happens to live in Perranporth.  Other lead contacts?]
Environment Agency – Shaun Pritchard. CC planning is working to coordinate an agreed approach between Dave Watkins and the EA. We have some draft guidance and policies which are still being developed but you’ll be able to adapt these and we’ll supply them as soon as we can get consensus from the various parties.

  1. Tourist development

o       Temporary use of designated space(s) for events
What are you trying to achieve here? Do you want to promote areas where this would be supported? Some temporary uses (up to 28 days a year) are usually permitted development – look at Part 4 Class B http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596/made  but an Article 4 direction means that applications are required in the coastal area of your parish. If you want to include a policy encouraging the use of particular areas for temporary events (with criteria to control traffic, access etc) you can.

o       Conversion of 9/10 month year statics to 12 month year lodges – linked to design and use standards  see below

      Conversion of caravan/static parks near settlements to residential to let – to help match housing list numbers
Could have a policy and define area and criteria. Back this up with an analysis of demand and the tourism market. Look at the Chief Officer Planning Note on Lifting Holiday Conditions

o       Designation of location for a visitor centre
NDP could allocate a site and have a related policy setting design, access, parking etc. criteria.

  1. Community Land Trust

o       A strong ambition for some of us to deliver a development vehicle to serve local needs. Does this need inclusion in the NDP and how?
It could be part of your housing vision and strategy. It wouldn’t be a policy – but would form part of your explanation of how you wish to see the parish develop. It might encourage landowners to make land available (which is the hardest part!) see CCLT for further info. https://cornwallclt.org/



NDP’s to be considered for their model policies covering BETI topics


St Agneshttps://www.cornwall.gov.uk/media/34880675/st-agnes-parish-ndp-plan-submission-version-final-15th-aug-2018.pdf


Crantock:  https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/media/34656040/ndp-final-sept18.pdf

St Iveshttps://www.cornwall.gov.uk/media/33135351/revised-nnp-2018-june.pdf

Bude: 2 parts:https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/media/36440920/bude-stratton-ndp-final-adopted-section-1-5.pdf


Illogan: the NDP has just last month passed the examination:



Chacewater: the NDP has been submittted to Cornwall Council and the formal consultation is underway.  (Roger comments:- The NDP is slightly unorthodox, I think it is fair to say):




2018-05-23 BETI Meeting Minutes

Perranporth NDP, BETI – Meeting #6

Perranporth Neighbourhood Development Plan – BETI Focus Group

Notes: 23th May 2018 (Parish Rooms)


Kevin Havill – Chair (KH), Philip Moore – Vice Chair (PRM), Mike Callan – CC Consultant (MC), Andrew

Bown (AB), Simon Jefferies (SJ), Karen Colam – Parish Council Rep (KC), Nick Joy (NJ)

Apologies:, Roger Kayes, William Rogers – Parish Council Rep (WR), Jackie Byatt (JB), Richard Mocke

(RM) Tanya Mocke (TM)

Resumé of BETI group progress so far:

  • 1# meeting had been to decide what BETI included
  • 2# meeting had developed vision and tested concepts
  • 3# meeting had been an extraordinary participation in the A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross public meeting
  • 4# meeting had been to decide how issues affecting BETI interests should be communicated
  • 5# meeting formation of a working group to assist Nick Joy create the NDP flyer

Notes of the previous meeting on 23th April 2018

  • Approved

Communication – NDP Flyer Production

  • External professional graphic designer Geoff Muir (GM) to be engaged (via NJ)
  • KC and PRM to support NJ with Flyer drafts
  • NJ to draft a text brief for GM
  • Webpage – What have NDP’s done for us?
  • Ask WR to communicate with Guy Thomas – asking for feedback on previous flyers by Geoff Muir.

South West Water Meeting (SWW) discussions

  • Statements or policies to improve conditions of waste water (these are what Developers would need to achieve with the Parish developments) e.g. separation of waste water sources in particular locales.
  • Issues that should specifically be addressed (in terms of water management and flood risk).
  • Supplementary information…..
    • Use of ‘memoranda of understanding’ encouraged by SWW.
    • Surfers against sewage pressing for extending the bathing water season.
    • SJ volunteered to work with WR to draft a briefing note on what we need to achieve regarding future water management and flood risk aversion.
    • SWW have Investment Periods PR19 (Price Review 19) – just about to start. We possibly have opportunity to influence PR23?
    • North Coast cluster group….
    • Network Communication Group – possibility for parishes on North Coast to work together (e.g. St Agnes; Crantock; Cubert; Perranzabuloe and Newquay).

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) – current bar was set too low e.g. Ponsmere Development proceeded

  • Could Parish invest in strengthening the existing Shoreline Management Plan?
  • SMP is NOT statutory requirement in terms of planning.
  • Perranporth is a Coastal Change Management Area (CCMA) referenced in SMP.
  • NDP can include CCMA.

– Aside1: NDP should include:

– Public spaces

– Housing spaces

– Innovation / Development spaces

Aside2: SJ offered to do presentation to NDP SG + Parish Council

Aside 3: 66 residential properties currently at risk of flooding in Parish

Aside 4: Surf Club at risk (as is Wateringhole)

Business List

  • Valuation Office Commercial list sourced for TR6 by KH (also TR4 and TR8) approx. 350 businesses listed.
  • Needs Microsoft Access expertise.
  • Relevant post codes for Parish.
  • SJ to provide post codes and a mapping for the Parish.
  • Business Hub opportunities in the Parish discussed (e.g. possibly in the current Parish Rooms)

2019-01-16 BETI meeting agenda

16thJanuary; 19:00 Parish Council Offices, Chyanhale, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth, TR6 0DB.


  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions – a couple of minutes for each person – interests, background and current knowledge of NDP process and content.
  3. Approval of Minutes of the last BETI meeting 25th May 2018.
    The draft minutes of the last BETI meeting are here (as a PDF).
  4. Progress since last meeting
  5. Current task
    1. Identification of Issues
    2. Methods of obtaining evidence
  6. Organisation
    1. Sub-groups
    2. Meeting Frequency
  7. Other Issues
  8. Dates of next meetings

2018-05-10 Parish Council & SWW Meeting Notes

Parish Council & South West Water

Meeting Notes

10th May 2018

The Parties:

South West Water (SWW) Represented by:

Perry Hobbs – Head of Strategic Investment Planning Richard Behan – Flood Risk Manager
Ian McFerlane – Customer Services and Network Manager

Perranzabuloe Parish Council

(PC) Councillor Steve Arthur Councillor Karen Colam

Councillor William Rogers

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Plan (NDP)

Rory Jenkins

Kevin Havill

The meeting had been arranged by William Rogers as a chance for both the PC and NDP understand more about the issues facing SWW to deliver its responsibilities for waste water collection and treatment. Whether the current infrastructure is sufficient, what improvements are necessary and whether there is capacity to collect and treat more particularly if there is to be more residential development in the parish.

All parties were aware of problems including flooding of Thywanhale Square and overloading of the pumping station on Station Road.

The PC and NDP explained that clean sea and stream water all year round is vital for safety and amenity of visitors and all year round residents alike. The local economy is largely built on tourism with the beach and water sport as the central theme. Many residents have chosen the area because of the landscape and lifestyle. Awareness to environmental issues is growing illustrated by the popular designation of the Perranporth as a plastic free zone.

SWW explained that responsibilities for the flooding management collection of foul and surface water are split between:
Environment Agency – Sea and rivers
Cornwall Council (highways) – Highways
SWW – Sewers, surface water from hardstanding within the curtilage of properties
Defra – A government regularity authority with responsibilities to monitor water and sea water quality including The Bathing Water Directive

Perranporth – Surface Water and sewerage drains to the pumping station on Station Road from where it is pumped to Droskyn, then to a treatment works at Cligga and with a discharge of treated water into the sea.
Goonhavern – Has its own treatment works and the treated water discharge goes into streams.

The historic network was built in the anticipation that rain water would dilute effluent before it being run into the sea. The Clean Sweep policy introduced 18 years ago has been built on the basis that raw waste should not enter the rivers or sea but be treated first.

Problems arise primarily because water enters the SWW system from surface run off such as highways (which could be discharged into streams and rivers – for example Station Road) and from historic mine shafts and addits (for example Thywanhale Square). These extraordinary loads stretch the pumping station in Perranporth beyond its capacity and can cause outflows of untreated effluent. SWW has permits for a limited number of Combined Sewage Outflows (CSOs) at designated points and has obligations to both report incidents to the Environment Agency and monitor water quality on a continuous basis.

For new development it is now theoretically required that surface water does not flow offsite into the sewerage system thereby reducing the volumes pumped to treatment works. The historic network remains though and Cornwall Council did not take the opportunity to rectify local problems on Station Road from highway run off when the Environment Agency undertook flood management works a few years ago. In terms of new developments, these often manage to present a case that allows them to not deal with surface water onsite, but discharge it into the existing system.

Specific problems around Bolenna Park and Hendrawna Lane were discussed and SWW will investigate further.

The tankering of waste from Station Road to Droskyn over the recent winter had been as a response to the broken main between the two locations on St Georges Hill. This main has now been repaired.

Planning Process
SWW explained that are not a statutory consultee in the planning process. They are consulted but their views can be overruled. The grant of planning permission gives property owns the right to connect and SWW are obliged to provide service irrespective of whether their infrastructure is adequate.

All the respective agencies hold duty of care responsibilities and issues arising from the historic networks along the North Coast are well known. A long term Drainage and Waste Water Plan is being compiled and to cover a future 25 year period, however, this plan won’t be ready until 2022.

The PC and NDP expressed the view that a large, probably majority, proportion of residents would like to prevent further development because of inadequacies in the current infrastructure. SWW responded that in their experience using capacity problems to halt development rarely works in the long term. However they were keen to promote that the NDP include policies to tackle all drainage issues with future development targets to be linked to completed improvements.

In short the Perranporth pumping and treatment works could support future development IF there was proper separation of surface run off from household waste as could Goonhavern to a lessor extent but which benefits from an easier topography.

An example of a multi authority agreement known as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Llanelli was discussed. Under this agreement developers are required to make provision for the removal of storm water from the system before new foul water is introduced. This model could be on a 1:1 or possibly a 2:1 ratio basis.

Funding for improvements works could come from the following sources:
Central Government – Flooding and Coastal Defence Projects Community Infrastructure Levy – Cornwall Council

Highways – Cornwall Council

Next Steps
SWW water to provide more information of the Llanelli MOU and to investigate further problems at Bolenna and Hendrawna
SWW to revert on why the spill alert system only works during the bathing season and not year round.
PC to discuss
NDP to develop draft policies for community feedback

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