Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting 12th July 2016

Present: Guy Thomas, Cllr. K. Yeo Chair: Cllr. Callan CC; Councillors and Members of the public – total of 21 people.

General discussion:

A qualifying body must “own” the plan and the Parish Council is the qualifying  body but the Steering Group is not a committee of the Parish Council. No more than 2 parish councillors should be on the group (approx. 20%) optimum size of which would be 9 to 13 people. This would be the core group with required skills – other people could join for specific tasks and leave again.

The Parish Council felt that the whole parish should be designated as the “neighbourhood” – if

The main task would be evidence gathering – vital to the success of the plan.

It must identify local priorities

Identify skills available

Uphold the principle of sustainable development- Social, Economic and Environmental for the community.

Production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan would ensure 25% of CIL is retained in the parish (otherwise 15%)

There was some scepticism about the efficacy of an NDP in planning terms but following discussion and hearing that the findings of the NDP would be a material consideration for planning applications there was an enthusiastic response.


Over the next 3 months or more

(Toolkit available)

Form group and decide terms of reference – help is available from Cornwall Council for latter.


Identify skills available and allocate tasks, including chair of group

Deliver a public engagement session – Guy Thomas can attend to assist.

Undertake community questionnaire (optional)

Following 3 – 6 months       

Agree  Themes

Project Plan


Obtain Designated Status

6 to 12 months

Community Engagement

To arrange for a further public meeting in the next few months following confirmation of Parish Council representation –  to confirm that there are sufficient numbers to form a Steering Group.



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