2018-05-02 Communications Meeting Notes

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan

Communications Meeting Notes

2ndMay 2018 – Nick Joy


  • Location: Tyewarnhayle 7:30pm
  • Attendees:

Nick Joy, Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Roger Kayes, Kevin Havill,

Sue Dutson, Angela Maynard, and Steve Adams


  • This was an impromptu meeting shared with the Environment and Heritage Focus Group. After their agenda we discussed the initial flyer progress was discussed.


  • I had spoken to a couple of printers to obtain quotes and to determine what could be achieved and in what lead-time. I went through these costs with the group along with the options. These can be found appended below.


  • After receiving inputs from the FG leaders, a draft flyer was put together during last week. This was presented to the group for discussion. It was considered very informative, but ‘Dry’ in the sense it would not attract attention and would likely be placed into the bin when posted to households. The flyer was an A4 double-sided print folded into A5.


  • It was decided that a larger flyer was necessary. Either A3 folded to A5 or an A5 booklet. The A3 option was preferred as it was a better format allowing more space in the centre, for the same cost as A3. A3 folded to A4 is twice the printing cost of A4 folded to A5. However, it was considered that the increase of about £200 to £400 was worthwhile.


  • Space will be needed for the Post office for addresses. The exact space required is to be confirmed, however it is believed to be a page for delivery address and a page for a return address.


During a discussion it was considered less than 5% would return their slip by post, but it was necessary to give people this option so we must provide a means. This would be FREEPOST.


  • A FREEPOST account would need to be set up (£116 for the first year and £65 for subsequent years). Since we will be sending out a survey this too may require a freepost return system so having an account is a good thing. The cost of each return is 38p. Estimated returns and costs are below.


  • The delivery method was also discussed. Posting to every household in the parish would cost £1658 2ndclass (but how they are stamped/franked has not been determined. A breakdown of the cost/ward is below. Perranporth, being densely populated and the majority of the populous could be done by hand saving around £1000. This might also give an opportunity for door knocking and discussion.


  • Another delivery method was a leaflet drop by the post office. This does not require a delivery address space on the flyer. This method would deliver to every house and business, by postcode area. However, the postcode areas overlap significantly with other parishes.


Example: Perranzabuloe has 2859 houses (not including businesses).

If their postcodes were used (e.g. TR4 9, TR5 0 etc) this would reach

11, 616 premises. This is probably not acceptable, and would require significantly more flyers to be printed, which would not be economical.


A combination could be an option. The Perranporth ward is 1886 houses (not businesses) and all are under the TR6 0xx postcode. Postage costs for these would be £1094. However, a leaflet drop would cost £500 (minimum charge for up to 7000 leaflets), and would cover this area only and reach businesses under this postcode.


Thus, a combination could be used:

Hand deliver Perranporth £0

Leaflet drop Perranporth £500

Post the remaining parish houses £564

(As opposed to posting to all houses £1658)


  • The promoting of the NDP was also discussed. It was thought that the leaflet posting needs to be combined with poster campaign, Consultation’s, Website survey in place beforehand (for online returns), drop boxes placed around the parish in preparation, etc. All of which may delay the delivery date.


It was also thought that the Focus groups have reached a point where they cannot move forward now without a public information campaign.

Thus, the leaflet and supporting actions are now a priority for the NDP.


  • Conclusion:
    • The flyer will be redesigned using a graphic artist. ACTION-NJ
    • It requires page space for delivery and return address ACTION-NJ
    • A3 double sized colour is preferred, folded A4 by the printer (maybe folded further to A5 by volunteers)
    • Delivery method(s) and costs to be debated by SG meeting.
    • Delivery time


Flyer Print Costs
Company Print Run Total Cost Print A4 Print A3 Arrangement +Design +Postage Freepost
Boscawen 2750 £356.80 £256.80 £100.00 £250.00 £1,432.20 £0.38
Boscawen 2750 £386.80 £286.80 £100.00 £500.00 £1,432.20 £0.38
Boscawen (Pro rata Est.) 3000 £379.00 £279.00 £100.00 £250.00 £1,432.20 £0.38
Parish Magazine Printing 3000 £235.00 £195.00 £40.00 N/A N/A N/A
Parish Magazine Printing 6000 £430.00 £390.00 £40.00 N/A N/A N/A
Parish Magazine Printing 3000 £430.00 £390.00 £40.00 N/A N/A N/A
Freepost return @ 38p 2nd Class
Postage Costs 1st @ 67p 2nd @ 58p Leaflet 5% 10% 15%
Perranporth 1886 £1,263.62 £1,093.88 £500.00 £35.83 £71.67 £107.50
Goonhaven 483 £323.61 £280.14 for up to £9.18 £18.35 £27.53
Penhallow 253 £169.51 £146.74 7000 £4.81 £9.61 £14.42
Rose 237 £158.79 £137.46 Houses £4.50 £9.01 £13.51
Totals 2859 1915.53 1658.22 £54.32 £108.64 £162.96


2018-03-13 Communications Meeting Notes

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan

Communications Meeting Notes

13 March 2018

  • Location: Parish Council offices 7pm
  • Attendees: Nick Joy, Will Rogers, Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Roger Kayes, Kevin Havill
  • Equipment (and Est. cost) list for future public engagement in 2018:
    • £200 Display Boards. Fold up and bag type.
    • £1000 Flyers
    • £1000 Distribution
    • £? Graphic Design
    • £? Printed Material (A2 for the display boards)
    • £? Map
    • £? Suggestion Boxes and Slips
    • £? NDP Business (type) cards
    • £? Equipment Hire
  • Initial Public Engagement Flyer Discussion
    • The purpose of the ‘Initial Flyer’ is to inform the Parish residents of the formation of the NDP.
    • It was decided that the best method to ‘Ensure’ all households received the information was to use the only reliable delivery source, the Post Office. NJ to cost.
    • The flyer would gather information from the residents, including contact information so that they can be kept informed of our progress. Other information may also be gathered as proof to the CC that all residents received the information.
    • This information may be gathered by them dropping the Flyer to ‘Drop Boxes’ in the villages, Freepost, or Online using something like ‘Survey Monkey’. NJ to cost Freepost. WR to obtain all household addresses from the CC.
    • The flyer would also invite people to participate in the Focus Groups or otherwise be involved in the NDP Process.
    • The format of the flyer was discussed along with reviews of the St Agnes flyers for inspiration.
    • Since we have already formed Focus Groups, it was decided that a page could be given to each Focus Group to explain who they are and what they hope to achieve.
    • The Focus Group Leaders were to submit to NJ an initial idea for their page. CAZ, RK, KH
    • The Communications page will take the front page and will just be a welcoming introduction page.
    • Further discussions will be required to hone the flyer and to then engage a Graphic designer to package it.
    • Cost for printing and packaging the flyer need to be obtained. NJ
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