2018-03-13 Communications Meeting Notes

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan

Communications Meeting Notes

13 March 2018

  • Location: Parish Council offices 7pm
  • Attendees: Nick Joy, Will Rogers, Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Roger Kayes, Kevin Havill
  • Equipment (and Est. cost) list for future public engagement in 2018:
    • £200 Display Boards. Fold up and bag type.
    • £1000 Flyers
    • £1000 Distribution
    • £? Graphic Design
    • £? Printed Material (A2 for the display boards)
    • £? Map
    • £? Suggestion Boxes and Slips
    • £? NDP Business (type) cards
    • £? Equipment Hire
  • Initial Public Engagement Flyer Discussion
    • The purpose of the ‘Initial Flyer’ is to inform the Parish residents of the formation of the NDP.
    • It was decided that the best method to ‘Ensure’ all households received the information was to use the only reliable delivery source, the Post Office. NJ to cost.
    • The flyer would gather information from the residents, including contact information so that they can be kept informed of our progress. Other information may also be gathered as proof to the CC that all residents received the information.
    • This information may be gathered by them dropping the Flyer to ‘Drop Boxes’ in the villages, Freepost, or Online using something like ‘Survey Monkey’. NJ to cost Freepost. WR to obtain all household addresses from the CC.
    • The flyer would also invite people to participate in the Focus Groups or otherwise be involved in the NDP Process.
    • The format of the flyer was discussed along with reviews of the St Agnes flyers for inspiration.
    • Since we have already formed Focus Groups, it was decided that a page could be given to each Focus Group to explain who they are and what they hope to achieve.
    • The Focus Group Leaders were to submit to NJ an initial idea for their page. CAZ, RK, KH
    • The Communications page will take the front page and will just be a welcoming introduction page.
    • Further discussions will be required to hone the flyer and to then engage a Graphic designer to package it.
    • Cost for printing and packaging the flyer need to be obtained. NJ
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