Business, Employment, Transport and Infrastructure

BETI is all about Business, Employment, Transport and Infrastructure in the parish. The Neighbourhood Development Plan can set a framework by which people can most beneficially live and work here.

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To create an environment for a healthy, vibrant and thriving local economy serving the needs of all year round residents and visitors alike.  Perranzabuloe will seek to attract and retain people and their families who can live, work and enjoy active leisure time in the locality.

Businesses including those within new technologies sectors will be attracted to establish and enlarge due to the provision of new infrastructure, a local labour pool and suitable premises.


A strong all year round local economy will benefit everyone in the parish providing security and opportunity for the future. The Neighbourhood Development Plan can’t buy the goods and services produced here but it can help create the circumstances by which commerce can prosper. It will do this by creating a structure by which the allocation of land and use rights for new and existing buildings will be decided in the future.

Are there issues that are currently holding you back such as access to suitable premises, staff, training, broadband, or do you need other associated businesses to be located nearby.

So if you’re in business or work or want to work in Perranzabuloe tell us about your ambitions and needs.

We will also reach out through a series of public consultation meetings aimed at specific groups to get to know you and your views. These targeted meetings will include:

  •             Perranporth shops and services
  •             Goonhavern shops and services
  •             Tourism
  •             Agriculture
  •             Industry and logistics
  •             Small enterprises


Many living in the parish would also like to work locally but cant find employment opportunities that match their skill sets.

Creating an environment for new and local jobs is very much an issue the NDP could help with. We ask residents to participate and give us feedback so know what are your needs, aspirations and priorities.

Infrastructure and transport

Are you concerned that much of the parishes infrastructure of roads, drains, broadband, health and well being facilities, schools aren’t coping already? Over the next 13 years our needs of transport and infrastructure will continue to change. We need to make provision for an improved networks for cars, busses, bicycles and pedestrians enabling easier and safer accessibility for all.

Responsibility for the provision of roads, public transport and services is largely in the hands of Cornwall Council, statutory authorities and private service providers. Growth in the population and the commercial base will add new pressures but by seeking to link new development with improvements and the allocation of spaces could help alleviate some of these pressures is something we can achieve through the NDP process.

September 2019 survey to business owners in the parish

In September of 2019, a survey was sent to all properties included in the Cornwall Council Valuation Office’s lsit of business premises in the Perranzabuloe parish. This was around 600 addresses.

Posters were also put up around the parish (parish notice boards, shops and cafe’s).

A PDF copy of the survey can be downloaded here.

100 responses came back.

A summary of the response data can be downloaded here.


The BETI group is headed up by  Kevin Havill –

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