Steering Group Zoom Meeting 11th June 2020

1    Attendance and Apologies

Linda Boylen, Sam Boston, Philip Henwood, Andrew Bowen,

2      Approval of Issues raised at the Zoom meeting on 4th May 2020

The items discussed were related to the meeting, and approved.

3      Matters arising

Linda Boylen’s section has been sent to Stuart Todd and returned with comments.

CAZ has met with Derek Brooks of Goonhavern Old Cornwall Society

4      Questionnaire (Business)

It was considered that the business questionnaire as it stands has produced as much as it can in its present form.  Kevin might wish to revisit this later, but for the present it was agreed to download the information.  Rory will then close the account with Survey Monkey. William will check with Jeff Muir as to whether his account with Survey Monkey can be used still.  (Post Meeting Note  The account originally held with Jeff Muir is no longer available)

5      Report regarding Stuart Todd Associates

It is hoped to return the corrected questionnaires to Stuart Todd during July.

6      Reports and Action Plans from Focus Groups including Contact with Stuart Todd

  • Housing – Including PRP & Disability Access

Roger hopes to complete the corrections to his housing  section by the end of June.

It was agreed unanimously that the PRP shall encompass the whole of Perranzabuloe.

  • BETI

Kevin has completed action on Stuart’s comments, and will forward to Stuart in July via the Drop Box. Philp Moore is working with Kevin and will be available when Kevin is in Sweden.

  • Environment & Heritage

Kath Statham is working upon the LLCA.  She has completed two surveys and completed the mapping.

9   Report back from meetings and contacts with external parties

7      Any other business

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