The Perranzabuloe NDP Residents’ Survey is out

The Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Residents’ Survey has been printed and is available to those who live and work in the parish. It has been posted to all households in the parish.

Within the parish you can get more paper copies of the surveys from:

  • The Post Office in Perranporth, which is at 46 St Pirans Rd, TR6 0LG.
  • The Londis Store in Goonhavern, which is on Bridge Road, TR4 9PY.
  • Chiverton Arms, at Chiverton Cross, Blackwater, TR4 8HS.
  • Callestick Farm in the centre of Callestick, TR4 9LL


Questionnaire is with the printers

The questionnaire for the next stage of creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for our parish, is with the printers and should start landing on doormats in the parish around the 18th of May. The completion deadline is the 21st of June, so almost a month for completed questionnaires to come back to us.
As soon as the online version is completed we’ll let you know.

2018-12-06 Steering Group Meeting

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan
Steering Group Meeting –Thursday 6th December 2018
Minutes – (Approved)

1 Introduction Attendance and Apologies

RJ welcomed all new attendees and outlined the aims of the NDP, and the methods that the organisation would follow to achieve success. He outlined what could possibly be achieved, as well as issues that could not be influenced.

Apologies were received from Kevin Havill & Andrew Bown. Eighteen people, including 9 from the Steering Group attended. (Listed in Appendix 1).

2 Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 22nd April 2018

Proposed by by Roger Kayes, seconded by Linda Boylen and approved unanimously.

3 Matters arising

The new NDP hotline for contacting the NDP by the general public is 01872 463572.  This is presently routed to Rory’s mobile, but will be transferred to William’s in time,

    • Action Point – RJ

4 Communications update

Public meetings discussion

The programme prescribed for the developing, printing and distribution of the flyers was achieved. The public meetings attracted a total in excess of 160. 130 filled in the forms to sign up to the NDP, and hopefully assist in its production. The meetings have been regarded as a success, producing much discussion throughout the Parish.

Social Media Co-ordinator

Philip Henwood and Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak have volunteered to coordinate the social media for the NDP.

  • Action Point – PH/CA-Z

Other Issues

RJ has created a database of names details and  preferences on ‘Mailchimp’

5 Reports from Focus Groups

No reports were received from Focus Groups. The Groups are tasked for meeting up (including new people who expressed interest at the public meetings), and preparing to report at the next SG. It was agreed that reports would focus on substantive, on-the-ground issues that they believed could go into the NDP and achieve benefit for the community.

  • Action Point – RK/KH/CA-Z

6 Project planning

The SG aims to be able to send out the questionnaire to all residents of Perranzabuloe before Easter 2019

7 Financial matters

A grant of £4,000 has been received from ‘Localities’ to cover the cost of production and distribution of the first flyer

8 Adoption and Dismissal of Group Members

A method of adoption of new SG & FG members should be put into practice. Roger Kayes was to confirm any statutory limit on the size of the Steering Group (SG), but it was felt it should not exceed 15 to 20.

Anybody wishing to join the SG should attend 2 or 3 SG meetings to confirm that it’s what they expect and that they still wish to be a part of the central team. If they still want to join the SG, they should then get an existing member of the Steering Group to propose them as well as a seconder. This will then be put to a vote of the existing SG. It was suggested by RJ that SG members who miss more than 3 out of 4 meetings should be contacted to determine what were their long term plans regarding the group.

Prospective new members should be directed to the documents page of the Website which includes links to more information on NDP’s, including other Cornwall NDP’s and NDP examiners reports.

Membership of the Focus Groups will be down to the heads of the Focus Groups and escalated to the SG if needed.

  • Action Point – RK/KH/CA-Z

The terms of Reference for the NDP shall be revised to reflect these decisions.

  • Action Point – RK

9 Any other business

Questions were asked regarding the school requirements of the Parish.  It was explained that this was outside of the NDP’s remit.  However land can be identified for educational needs- Similarly land can be identified or other needs (e.g. Health Centres)

It was agreed that all members of the Steering Group and Focus Groups would write up a brief introduction about themselves and yes/no answer to some interest questions. These write ups would be placed upon the web site..William Rogers would prepare this in relation to property development interests, but also to confirm that the person lives +or works in the parish. The introduction and standard question responses will be put on the Website and a record kept by our NDP secretary

By way of example, Rory Jenkins has written up his introduction (see appendix 2)

10 Items for next meeting

Reports from Focus Groups

11 Date of next meeting and closure

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday 7th February 2019.  It is aimed to hold SG meetings in the second week of each month, moving from Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday month by month.  Consequently the provisional dates for 2019 are:-

  • Thu 07th February
  • Tue 12th March
  • Wed 10th April
  • Thu 16th May
  • Tue 11th Jun
  • Wed 10th July
  • Thu 15th Aug
  • Tue 10th Sep
  • Wed 16th Oct
  • Thu 14th Nov
  • Tue 10th Dec

The meeting finished at 9.15pm


Appendix 1 – List of Attendees

  • Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak
  • Karen Colam
  • Sion Jones
  • Richard Barrett
  • Julie Dutson
  • Roger Kayes
  • Alison Barrett
  • Susan Dutson
  • Phil Moore
  • Linda Boylen
  • Keith Everest
  • William Rogers
  • Janine Branch
  • Phillip Henwood
  • Ron Spence
  • Michael Callam
  • Rory Jenkins
  • Scott Wilson

Appendix 2- Rory Jenkin’s Personal Introduction

I live, with my wife and young kids, in our Perranporth (Droskyn) property. We Air B&B rent out a self-contained section of our property. I mostly work from home, for a company that builds and maintains Websites for their client base. Ever since I moved to Perranporth in 2005 I’ve seen the village and wider parish evolving in a way that I often feel doesn’t reflect the wishes and ambitions of those who live and work here. There is a strong need for housing provision, in particular for those just starting out, that I feel needs more balance with the evolving and not evolving capacity of what is here. For example the sewage and drainage system, green spaces, the natural environment, employment and business opportunities. I’m also a relatively recent parent to twins, where I’m concerned about the level of local schools and other facilities for younger people.

2019-01-10 – Housing & Open Space, Focus Group meeting, Agenda

This is the proposed agenda and pre meeting notes:

Proposed Agenda

This is a possible Agenda although how we proceed will be moulded to respond to the wishes of people who attend.

  1. Welcome

  2. Introductions

    For each person, a couple of minutes each – interests, background and current knowledge of NDP process and content

  3. Themes potentially to be covered under ‘Housing and open space’ (see below)

    Discussion of themes
    Suggestions for additions
    Spatial coverage – Goonhavern, Rose, Callestick, Chiverton Cross

  4. Moving toward questionnaire and work involved

    It would be helpful to get an idea of who is thinking of getting involved, as opposed to only making an input during meetings or being an observer. (Both are welcome at our meetings, of course.)

  5. Other issues

  6. Date of next meeting

The list of themes can be found here.

Strategic Housing Land Use Availability Assessment (SHLAA) sites

These are personal notes, written in November 2018, by Roger Kayes, head of the Perranzabuloe NDP Housing Group on the question.

Following the flurry of interest in the Perranporth map (screen shot of the CC Perranporth SHLAA map below) of  Strategic Housing Land Use Availability Assessment (SHLAA) sites referred to at the Perranporth meeting of the NDP group on the 21st of November 2018, it might be helpful to give any concerned residents further information to clarify what a SHLAA site is, and is not.  There are no SHLAA sites, to my knowledge, in other areas of Perranzabuloe that have not already gone on to receive planning permission.

Cornwall Council’s information on this is very helpful:

“The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all Local Authorities to carry out Strategic Housing Land Use Availability Assessment as part of the evidence base for the Local Plan.

Cornwall Council has prepared and regularly updates SHLAA to support the Cornwall Local Plan. The SHLAA is a technical document that identifies sites across Cornwall which shows initial potential for providing 10 or more new homes. The SHLAA automatically excludes sites which are:

  1. Not connected to a settlement within the Settlement Hierarchy.
  2. Within a designated Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area and/or Site of Special Scientific Interest.
  3. Within Flood Zone 3b.

Sites are largely included in the SHLAA on the basis of a broad-brush desktop assessment which means that their inclusion in the SHLAA does not imply that they would necessarily be granted planning permission or are suitable for allocation for residential use. Nevertheless, with the vast majority of the sites having been put forward by the landowners, it is a good guide to what sites are available. The SHLAA also provides an indication of how many homes could be delivered and when, based on input from the landowners, density calculations and typical build-out rates.”

From:  Cornwall Council Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Note: Housing Land Availability Assessment

Key points are stated very clearly in another document available online (cornwall-shlaa-report-january-2016 – the most recent version as far as I know):

“Box 1: Status of the Cornwall SHLAA Report and Identified Sites

The Cornwall SHLAA is not a planning decision making document. It makes broad assumptions in terms of site suitability in order to bring forward a wide range of sites for consideration of housing potential. Sites that are identified in the Cornwall SHLAA would be required to be further tested by the planning application or allocation processes including consideration of sustainability and planning criteria, development plan policies and consultation before they could be deemed suitable in planning terms.

In summary:

  • The SHLAA is not development plan policy;
  • The SHLAA does not indicate that sites will be granted planning permission;
  • The SHLAA does not preclude sites from being developed for other suitable uses; and
  • The SHLAA is an important evidence base technical document but is not a planning decision making document.

The SHLAA does not preclude other sites which have not been submitted or assessed during this process from coming forward for housing.

The web page on Cornwall Council’s site gives further information and links, including where to find the original version of the map presented here:

Note dated November 23rd 2018

NDP Awareness Leaflet


In early November of 2018, we are sending out a leaflet to let as many people as possible, who work or live in the parish, about the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

The leaflet is also being put in cafe’s, shops, pubs etc.

You can PDF version of the leaflet here.

The meeting encourages anybody who wants to know more to attend some public meetings:

  • Goonhavern Village Hall
    – Tuesday 20th November, 2018: 7:30pm
  • Perranporth Memorial Hall
    – Wednesday 21st November, 2018: 7:30pm
  • Chiverton Arms Blackwater
    – Tuesday 27th November, 2018: 7:30pm

What next?
Sign up to stay informed and (possibly let us know if you’d like to get involved).

2018-10-16 Steering Group Meeting

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development  Plan

Steering Group Meeting – Minutes

Wednesday 16th October 2018

1. Attendance and Apologies

Apologies were received from Janine Branch, Phil Moore & Andrew Bown. Eight people, including 7 from the Steering Group attended. (Listed in Appendix 1).

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated dated 22nd April 2018

Proposed by Rory Jenkins (RJ), seconded by Roger Kayes and approved unanimously.

3. Matters arising

It was proposed by KC, seconded by RK that RJ set up the new NDP hotline for contacting the NDP by the general public. Its number will be 01872 463572.

Linda Boylen has requested to become actively involved with the SG. This was welcomed by the SG. Similarly, she is to become a member of the Housing Focus Group.

4. Communications update

Details of timings for the Flyer and of public meetings were confirmed. These are as follows: _

  • Design Completed mid October
  • Printing and Distribution Completed 10th November
  • Public Meetings: _
    • Goonhavern Tuesday 20th November
    • Perranporth Wednesday 21st November
    • Blackwater (Chiverton Arms) Tuesday 27th November

The remainder of the meeting was an analysis of the draft flyer as produced by Jeff Muir (Design Consultant responsible for producing the flyer and poster).

5. Reports from Focus Groups

None – see item 4.

6 Project planning

No discussion.

7 Financial matters

None arising.

8 Any other business

It was suggested that the NDP is represented at the Christmas Market. WR has booked a space with the organisers

9. Items for next meeting

The Flyer and public meetings.

9 Date of next meeting and closure

The next meeting will be decided in line with the publication of the Flyer as well as the scheduled public meetings.

The meeting finished at 9.45pm.

Appendix 1 – List of Attendees

Michael Callan (PPC Representative)

Steering Group
Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak
Kevin Havil
Rory Jenkins
Roger Kayes
Linda Boylen
Karen Colam
William Rogers

2018-09-19 Meeting Minutes

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development  Plan

Steering Group Meeting – Minutes

Wednesday 19th September 2018

1. Attendance and Apologies

Apologies received from Phil Moore & Karen Colam,.  Ten people attended including seven members of the Steering Group (listed in Appendix 1).

RJ explained the rationale of the proposed NDP for the new attendees

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 22nd April 2018

Proposed by Rory Jenkins (RJ), seconded by Kevin Havill and approved unanimously.

3. Matters arising

RJ is to set up the new NDP hotline for contacting the NDP by the general public.

Linda Boylam has requested to become actively involved with the SG.  This was welcomed by the SG.

4. Communications update

Nick Joy has resigned his post as Communications Chairman.  Will Rogers is at present continuing the work started by him.  A ‘changeover’ meeting was held between Nick and Will on Monday 17th September.

The first flyer is expected to have its design significantly completed by Mid October, such that it can be approved by the Steering Group meeting on Tuesday 16th October.

It has been agreed to secure the services of Jeff Muir as professional designer to assist in the design, and production of the flyer.

The flyer will be distributed by early November

Public meetings will be held in Perranporth, Goonhavern, and the Blackwater area during the later part of November.

A budget of £4,000 for the flyer was approved by the SG, ie significantly more than the costing originally estimated earlier.  Costing breakdowns together with a provisional  task list,  are included in Appendix 2.

5. Reports from Focus Groups

BETI (Business, Employment Transport & Infrastructure)

The last BETI meeting was held on Wednesday 23rd May.  Kevin Havill’s report  forms  Appendix 3 of these minutes.

Environment & Heritage

No meeting has been held since 22nd May-  hence no report has been made.


RK reported that in early June he had attended a meeting with Sarah Furley and Imogen Day of Cornwall Council’s NDP team at one of their quarterly surgeries.  Among the various issues discussed, he raised the issue of whether we can get advice from Development Control Officers in our area about the potential value of policies that we would like to develop.  From Cornwall Council’s perspective it will be fine if we approach Glen Lowe who deals with a large number of applications in this area.

RK also briefly reviewed his perspective of the ongoing controversy in Crantock, following the approval given in early June to a specific housing development.   The PC interprets this decision as contrary to the NDP that had passed at referendum in May and it is currently crowd-funding a judicial review of this decision.  While we don’t know the grounds for the review, one of the issues is whether the need for Affordable Housing has already been addressed by existing planning permissions within the parish (which would mean that there is little reason for approving the application).  Dimensions of this are: one of the sites approved looks unlikely to come forward, leaving a shortfall: the NDP aims to cover the period to 2030, and more people are likely to come forward onto the Home Choice Register (housing list) during the next few years.  RK expressed his intention to pursue the issue of phasing of development over the plan period.

There followed discussion of the implications for this line of thinking for our parish: the requirement that new housing developments are permitted to provide further Affordable Homes for those on the Home Choice Register, with a preference for this parish.

CA-Z queried whether or not the use of SUDS for storm water drainage should be included within the NDP.

6. Project planning

This was dealt with in ‘Matters arising’.

7. Financial matters

None arising.

8. Any other business

It was suggested that the NDP is represented at the Christmas Market.

9. Items for next meeting

The Flyer

10. Date of next meeting and closure

The next meeting will be on Tuesday the 16th October in the Parish Council offices in Perranporth.

The meeting finished at 8.45pm.


2018-04-23 Steering Group Meeting Agenda

Monday 23rd April 2018 7pm
Perranzabuloe Parish Offices

Proposed Agenda

  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 7th March 2018
  3. Matters arising
  4. Communication update
  5. Reports from Focus Groups
  6. Project Planning
  7. Financial Matters
  8. Any other Business
  9. Items for next meeting
  10. Date of meetings in May & June 2018

There will be a BETI Focus Group meeting at 18h00 also in the Parish Offices proceeding the Steering Group meeting. All are welcome to attend this and the Steering Group Meeting.

2018-03-07 Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan
Steering Group Meeting – 7th March 2018


Attendance and Apologies

The Chairman, Rory Jenkins welcomed everybody to the meeting. The list of attendees is appended to these minutes. Two new members of the public (Alfred Marcus & Gary Crossley) came to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Philip Moore.
Jack Clark has resigned from the Steering Group.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 8th February 2018

Proposed by Roger Kayes, seconded by Nick Joy and carried unanimously by the meeting.

Matters arising from meeting dated 8th February 2018

No Issues

Communications (Nick Joy)

New Logo acceptance.

Proposed by RJ, seconded by KH that the new logo would be used, with the strap line ‘Improving our Parish for All’ added. This was carried unanimously by the meeting.

Communications Strategy

The first draft of the Communications Strategy Document had been circulated. It was agreed that this is the first draft, and as such is a Working document. It will develop as the project proceeds. . A flow chart will be added. The timings in the document are generic.. Will Rogers is producing a project plan. This will need approving. The Communications strategy indicative timings may be amended to reflect the main timing plan.

Communications Emails

Email forwards or Imap email accounts where required are being set by RJ in the form of He will confirm when all emails are in place.


RJ to develop as soon as possible.
RJ will meet up with NJ over site structure and other aspects.

Next Communications actions:

NJ outlined his immediate action as follows: –

  • Talk to publishers – posters/flyers etc
  • Begin working on the first public engagement flyer with FGs
  • Call a meeting of the FG leaders to formulate a content
  • Review the logistics of distribution
    • Mail shot/Hand delivery/Combination of the two
    • Returns freepost address & Drop off points in strategic points in the community.

Estimated Communications Timings

It is expected that the 1st Engagement flyer will be distributed during April/May depending on assistance that is available.

Consultations will proceed involving everyone throughout 2018, especially the Focus groups

The main Community Survey will be programmed to be actioned during Jan/Feb 2019
It is essential to represent the NDP at all possible events throughout the Parish. Suggested events included Garden Shows, Christmas Market, Carnival etc.. The use of a bus belonging to one of the PC members may be available for use by the group.
Groups were asked to email their meeting write-ups to RJ and NJ so that these can be added to the Website

Reports from Focus Groups

Housing (Roger Kayes)

Roger Kayes apologized that he has not yet produced the discussion document prior to holding the Housing Focus Group’s first meeting. It is his intention to prepare a document outlining the possibilities in the housing area, as a basis for consulting with the community over what it wishes to see happen. Such opportunities are strongly constrained by rather complex planning regulations and practices – e.g. as seen at work in planning committee decision-making. The plan is to get the document out, by March 17th, for consultation with people more knowledgeable than him, and following that will arrange a meeting with people who have expressed an interest in this area.

There was some discussion about the government changes announced on Monday, 5th March, particularly the government’s approach to increasing housing supply through planning. The meeting discussed the draught revision to the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and associated guidance, and possible implications for the NP. One issue discussed concerned the possibility that in the future it may be important to update the NDP, or parts of it to keep it current, given proposals in the draft revised NPPF.

RK reminded the meeting of the potential for the parish attracting considerable funds in the future from CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) payments, with the parish eligible for 25% of all such payments that arise within the parish, once it has an approved NDP. It was pointed out that the key role of the neighbourhood plan could be to get the parish’s perspective on which projects it would like these funds to be spent on in the future. If the rates proposed by Cornwall Council for this area do pass unaltered into the CIL framework to be adopted in the autumn of 2018, then for a standard-sized, 100m2 new house, the parish could expect £2,500 funds to be forthcoming.

RK also reported that he is exploring with Cornwall Council the possibility for including a policy in the NP against developing additional major sites in the parish. If this is not a prospect, given the frequent advice that a NDP can’t stop development, then there is little point in raising this as a possibility in our consultation material. He reported the suggestion from a planning consultant that this might be possible if there were good evidence that this would cause ‘harm’ to the community, such as in terms of foul drainage and school places. These was discussion as to whether such issues might best be addressed through phasing provisions in any plan.

BETI (Business, Employment Transport & Infrastructure) (Kevin Havill)

The principal activity reported was the meeting with Highways England on the 8th February when they held a public consultation day event at Perranporth Memorial Hall concerning the proposed new section of the A30 to be constructed between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross.

Philip Moore and Kevin Havill represented the BETI group and meet with the Highways England project managers and retained consultants Arup.

The existing section of the A30 between these points is planned to be ‘de–trunked’. There is provision in the project for off site works and Section106 payments to Cornwall Council for specific projects. Highways England want these projects defined very soon as their consultation period ends 12th March.

Rerouting traffic around Goonhavern and creating a cycle track from Perranporth towards Newquay were two specific items discussed in principal. It was agreed that both could potentially be projects able to benefit from the funds to be allocated.

It was agreed that further discussion should include Cornwall Council as they are Highways England’s counter party.

Guy Thomas has arranged an extraordinary Community Network Panel meeting at Perranporth Parish Council offices 18:30 to 20:30, 8th March at which Highways England will present to the Parish Council and take a Q & A session. The BETI group has been invited to attend and this replaces the previously planned meeting.

Environment & Heritage (Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak)

No formal meetings have been held since the last meeting due to adverse weather causing cancellation.

CAZ .is planning to carry out surveys for the Local Landscape Character Assessment simultaneously with the Local Village Characteristic Assessment.

CAZ requested authority to purchase the Wildlife Resource Map from ORKS (price £80 plus VAT) Proposed by RJ, seconded WR carried unanimously.

Financial Issues

A £500 grant has been awarded to the NDP by the Perranporth Garden Charities.

The Co-operative Community Group funding scheme is requesting that organisations may apply for the next tranche of funding due to start from 28th October 2018. Applications need to be made before 22nd April. 2018. WNR will progress this.

Application for Community Grants can only be made when actual future expenditure has been identified. The grant should be spent within 6 months of award. A total of £9,000 is available over the length of the project. It is suggested that some £3,000-£4,000 should aim to be applied for in April 2018.

Any Other Business

It was noted that meetings were recorded to assist in the formation of the minutes. It was proposed by RK, seconded by RJ that the recordings should be deleted after the acceptance of the minutes. This was carried unanimously.

WR should aim to produce a project plan for discussion at the next meeting of the SG

All meetings of SGs and FGs should be posted upon Facebook. (NJ/RJ to action as necessary).

A system for storage of information will be set up. The possibility of incorporating the facilities of the Perranporth Library is to be investigated.

Date of Next Meeting and Closure

The next SG meetings have been scheduled for Monday 23rd April & Tuesday 22nd May. Both will take place at the Parish offices.

The meeting closed at 21h15.

Appendix 1 – 1 List of Attendees

  • Alfred Marcus
  • Andrew Bown
  • Angela Maynard
  • Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak
  • Gary Crossley
  • Jaquie Byatt
  • Karen Colam
  • Kevin Havill
  • Maxime Young
  • Michael Callan
  • Nick Joy
  • Roger Kayes
  • Rory Jenkins
  • Simon Jeffrey
  • Susan Dutson
  • William Rogers
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