Steering Group Zoom Meeting – 22nd March, 2022 – Agenda

1.    Attendees and apologies

2.     Approval of minutes of Meeting on 8th March 2022

3.     Status of documentation

  • Report from Cornwall Council- See Item 6

4.     Dates and programme

  • Second Flyer
  • Exhibitions in Perranporth & Goonhavern
  • Submission to Examiner
  • Referendum

5.     Organisation of exhibition

  • Production of Notices, Flyers and Banners
  • Compilation of Exhibition Team for content, assembly, and manning
  • Content of Exhibition, production of texts, selection, and printing of drawings etc
  • Assembly and dismantling of exhibition

6.     Review feedback on the DRAFT plan from Cornwall Council and others

  • Please read the Cornwall Council feedback pre the meeting. The aim is to first deal with all items where there is immediate Steering Group consensus as to accept or reject the need to change the DRAFT given the feedback, and to what that change should be.
    All items where a discussion as to the feedback will be moved to the end of the meeting and potentially the next meeting.

7.     Any Other Business

8.     Date of future meetings

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