2018-03-28 Environment and Heritage Meeting Notes

Environment and Heritage Meeting

Meeting Notes

Wednesday 28thMarch 2018

7.30 pm at the Tywarnhayle Inn

Present: Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Sue Dutson, Roger Kayes, Angela Maynard

Chris and Roger fed back to the group the information discussed at the first Communications meeting with focus group leaders on 13thMarch.

Chris was keen to develop a focus group statement to explain what it is that we are aiming to achieve for publication on the first flyer due out in April or May. Much discussion ensued, and ideas/a statement will be circulated to the focus group for further scrutiny. It is imperative that a request is made for volunteers to come forward to help with the LCA within this first communication exercise.

Ideas were then floated for suitable questions to appear on the first release flyer in order to attempt to capture at least some data at this early stage. Again, these possible questions will be circulated to the focus group for further scrutiny.

A more general discussion then took place regarding what we want to achieve, what we might be able to achieve and what is likely to happen next. Concerns were expressed regarding existing planning applications at a number of locations within the Parish. Chris reported that she has approached the Goonhavern Show Committee to request a space in the marquee as an awareness and outreach opportunity for the NDP in Goonhavern (early July).

It was also mentioned that feedback/dialogue with the relevant statutory consultees (charities and NGO’s) was probably due soon.

Roger argued strongly that it would be preferable, especially given the limited resources available, if the E&H group focussed on gathering information that is most likely to be useful when it comes to deciding on policy and projects to pursue. He reported that one of the key issues in the housing area will be the definition of settlement boundaries, and he talked about his interest in carrying out a settlement edge assessment, to provide an objective basis for defining the boundaries.  Chris pointed out that that would be Stage 2 of the Local Landscape Character Assessment, as shown in Cornwall Council’s document ‘Assessing a Cornish Sense of Place: LLCA as part of a NDP.  Angela and Roger wondered whether it might be a good idea to focus resources in the first instance around the two main villages in the parish, carrying out this more detailed stage 2 there, given that the parish is very large and, particularly in the southern reaches way from the new A30, not subject to major threat.

Next Meeting arranged for Wednesday 2ndMay at the Tye – 7.30pm

Meeting concluded at 9.25pm


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