Steering Group Meeting 12th March 2019

Where: Perranzabuloe Parish Offices, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth

Public Participation

No members of the public attended.

1.   Attendance and Apologies

SG members: Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Linda Boylen, Susan Dutson, Kevin Havill, Rory Jenkins, Roger Kayes, Phil Moore.

Observer: Michael Callan

Karen Colam, Will Rogers & Janine Branch tendered apologies.

2.    Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 6th February 2018

The minutes were approved subject to one minor change (the spelling of the new parish clerk’s name): proposed by RK, seconded by PM, and accepted unanimously.

3.      Matters arising

Rory reported that he had organised coaching on the use of Mail chimp and Word Press.

Following discussion about attendance of SG by the wider membership, Rory agreed to circulate to the SG a list of members, as part of the process of keeping an eye on who wasn’t regularly attending meetings.                                                                                                    Action: Rory

4.   SG Members should be requested to complete a ‘declaration of interests’ that could affect their impartiality in the Groups.  RK distributed a specimen document for the group.  This will be a subject at the next SG meeting.

5.   Discussion of the format of Steering Group meetings

There was a brief review of the format of SG meetings. Rory confirmed that, as chairman, he was intending to allow members of the public to introduce themselves and ask questions at the beginning of meetings.  They would also be welcome to ask questions at the end of the meeting.

6.      Reports from Focus Groups

HOUSING – Report by Roger Kayes

Roger reported that the Housing and Open space Focus Group had held a meeting to discuss the first draft of questions to go into the survey.  The amended questions had been circulated to the FG and passed on to William for inclusion in the questionnaire.  He summarised some of the points arising from the presentation given by the Government Housing Minister (Kit Malthouse) in Truro to parishes preparing NDPs.  These included the importance of good design in new housing developments and his desire to encourage HMI’s/Inspector’s to give progressively greater weight during appeals proceedings to NDPs as they move toward completion, as opposed to the current situation where they tend to be attributed with little weight until they have passed a referendum.

BETI- Report by Kevin Havill

The BETI Focus group has met on 13th and 23rd February, to choose questions for the public questionnaire.  In addition to the main questionnaire, they have prepared a business version which will involve visiting firms and completing a personal interview.

Environment & Heritage – Report by Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak

A meeting was held to combine the heritage questions suggested by Ryan and to fine-tune the environment questions now in the questionnaire.  She reminded members of the Local Landscape Character Assessment training that was planned for Saturday 16th March.


There was extensive discussion of aspects of the questionnaire.  Rory proposed that the current version of the questionnaire was edited in detail by a sub-group of 3 people, before coming back to the SG in a couple of weeks time. Karen and Andrew (Bown) had expressed interest in being involved.  Rory offered to create a Doodlepoll to arrange a suitable date.
Action: Rory

The questionnaire has been sent to Sarah Furley of CC, and there is anticipation of feedback from her at the regular meeting with her tomorrow.  Kevin suggested that members each try and get a few people to test run the questionnaire at this stage, to get some feedback.

After considerable discussion, it was decided unanimously that there will be three £75 prizes to be used in a local shop, restaurant or other venue.  (The idea of sponsorship was raised, but the proposal adopted would not involve specifying the shop or other facility at which the voucher could be used, so as to maximise the choice open to the winners.)  The goal of the prizes is to increase participation.  Concerns about the conflict between the goals of maintaining confidentiality yet having contact details to notify winners would be resolved by having a tear-off part of the questionnaire; this would be separated immediately on receipt from the body of survey, and this part would be entered into the draw.  (A similar process would be developed for questionnaires completed online.)

7.     Administration and Background Organisational Matters


8.         Amendment of Terms of Reference and Declarations of Interests (DOI)

Roger apologised for not progressing this item in time for this meeting, as intended.  He had proposed in a note circulated to the chair and the new parish clerk that we introduce the category of ‘Associate Members’.  This would overcome the issue that people who do attend the SG but are not members, such as the clerk and the Cornwall Councillor Michael Callan, are not in fact supposed to be speaking during the SG meetings.  In addition, if we wish to ‘remove’ non-attending members from the SG membership itself, it could be a useful ‘half-way house’ to designate them as Associate Members so they could occasionally attend meetings and speak (but not vote).  Their skills would not be entirely lost to the NDP process, and psychologically it would be preferable for the individuals involved.

This proposal was unanimously approved.  Roger is to draw up a finished version of the proposed amendment to the ToR for circulation to the membership prior to the next SG meeting.  The finalised version of the DOI form to Rory in advance of the next SG meeting.  The DOI form would be completed by existing SG members, and by potential members prior to the decision being taken on their membership.                                                                                                                                          Action: Roger

9.     Financial Matters


10.Any other Business

There was a brief report on the conference in Falmouth last week on NDPs and climate change.  Kevin reported that he is chasing an improved OCSI report through a CC officer.

11.Items for next meeting

None mentioned.

12.Dates of future meetings for 2019

Wed 10th April

Thu 16th May
Tue 11th Jun
Wed 10th July
Thu 15th Aug
Tue 10th Sep
Wed 16th Oct
Thu 14th Nov
Tue 10th Dec

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