2018-01-24 BETI Meeting Notes

BETI Focus Group

Meeting Notes

24th January 2018 7-9pm

(Parish Rooms)


Kevin Havill (Chair), Andrew Bown, Simon Jefferies, Karen Colam (PC), Philip Moore, Mike Callan (CC Consultant), William Rogers (PC)


Guy Thomas (Cornwall Council)


Jackie Byatt

Note: All discussions and considerations relate to the whole ‘Parish’ unless stated otherwise.

Reference sources: Cornwall Council Project Plan for NDP Development see:


Themes for Group:

Business / Employment / Transport / Infrastructure (BETI)

It was agreed the group would review each of these themes as a starting point for subsequent discussions and planning tasks.

Business – areas to consider

  • Retail & Services (the high street and wider)
  • Industrial Estate(s)
  • Agriculture (including Farms, Horticulture, Garden Centres etc)
  • Home based businesses
  • Arts and Crafts businesses
  • Professional Services (accountants, solicitors, etc not high street based)
  • Commercial Accommodation (Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B’s, etc)
  • Tourism functions (e.g. Beach tourism, Coast Path tourism, Heritage tourism, Sports related tourism, etc)
  • Holiday homes
  • Caravan Parks / Lodges etc (probably largest sector of the business community by T/O in Parish – it includes Perran Sands, Liskey Hill, New Perran, Lake View, Oyster Bay, Monkey Tree, etc.)
  • Other?

What exists in the Parish?

Survey(s) to garner information?

Possible sources of information and advice:

  • Cornwall Chamber of Commerce – Kim Conchie
  • Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
  • Cornwall Council (Mike Callan / CEO Kate Canally)
  • Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)
  • LEP Cornwall Strategic Plan / LEP Smart Specialisation Themes
  • Cornwall Council – Cornwall Strategic Economic Plan
  • Companies House
  • Major land owners inc. Tregothnan / Lord Falmouth
  • Highways Agency – A30 dualling development between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross (£350M investment, including £15 mitigation investment)

Possible areas of interest:

  • The Digital Economy (aligns to one of the LEP Smart Specialisation themes)
    • NB: Smart Specialisation themes include: Low carbon development; digital economy; agri-tech; and marine tech.
  • Innovation Hubs (Trevissome Eco-Park) and New Business Park close to new A30 or B30 (existing A30 route)
  • Workhubs (e.g. The Workbox in Penzance)
  • Scaleable businesses
  • Creating knowledge based high value jobs? (e.g. digital economy; software dev.; etc)
  • Determining which areas could be designated for business development opportunities

Possible Sources of Funding:

  • Coastal Communities Fund – National Scheme with next call due in Spring 2018

Employment – areas to consider

  • Existing skill sets
  • Skill sets needed
  • Training
  • Education
  • New employment opportunities?
  • Job types / wage structures
  • Move towards creating high value knowledge based jobs.

Possible related tasks:

  • Under 18’s survey of their employment aspirations / interests (possibly an annex to a wider more general survey).
  • Suggestion boxes throughout Parish.

Transport  – areas to consider

  • New A30 development building new dual carriage way (total investment of £350m via Highways England with associated £15m in site development fund)
  • Designated B30 following completion of the new A30
  • Perranporth Airfield (consider alignment with St Agnes Parish)
  • Car Parks owned by Cornwall Council
  • Car Parks owned by Parish
  • Car Parks privately owned
  • Provision of Park & Ride schemes (e.g. at Cligga or Goonhavern)
  • Bus services and wider provision (Community buses)
  • Other public transport
  • Cycling provision and potential improvements
  • Speed issues on public roads in the Parish
  • Footpath & Bridleway provision and potential improvements
  • Viability of a Perranporth – Newquay link (via old railway track)

Important  considerations:

  • Accessibility
  • Utilising the spacial plan (LNP is essentially about spacial planning) – what works by considering the Parish?

Infrastructure  – areas to consider

  • Shoreline protection & management / Marine Protection
  • Shoreline based businesses
  • Sewage provision and potential improvements
  • Water provision
  • Health and Wellbeing provision (Doctors surgery, Dental surgery)
  • Veterinary provision
  • Broadband provision
  • School provision (e.g. possible new site for the School)
  • Hotel provision (protecting existing provision and potentially increasing capacity and quality)
  • Retirement and Care-home provision
  • Sports related provision
  • Leisure facilities (e.g. Boating lake and Gardens, ???)
  • Surf Life Saving Club
  • Community rooms and buildings (e.g. Library, Museum, Memorial Hall, Garden Charities Rooms, Parish Rooms, etc.)

Important considerations:

  • Consider all areas of the Parish (e.g. Goonhavern)
  • Use of Parish council resources
  • Use of Cornwall Council levy (use of section 106)
  • Designation of areas for certain functions / provision
  • Possible new site for School
  • Possible new site for Health Centre
  • Possible provision of community local green energy / smart grids.
  • Potential for new commercial development (e.g. Innovation parks, business parks, Workhubs, etc.)

Important organisations / agencies:

  • Southwest Water
  • Environment Agency
  • Energy Companies (e.g. EDF, SSE, etc.)
  • BT / Openreach
  • Highways Agency
  • Waste and Recycling companies

Current sports & leisure provision in Parish

  • Beach sports (Surfing, Kite surfing, Wind Surfing, Para Gliding, Gig Rowing, Kayaking, etc.)
  • SW Coast Path
  • Beach Sea Pool
  • Surf Life Saving Club
  • Perranporth Rugby Ground
  • Football Ground
  • Cricket Ground
  • Perranporth Golf Course
  • Bowling Green
  • Perranporth Tennis Club / Courts
  • Snooker Club
  • Flying/ Gliding?
  • Sky Diving
  • Course Fishing lakes
  • Sea Fishing (shore based and in-boats)
  • Others

Aside: Beach has been owned by Parish since 1937.


NEXT MEETING:  19:00- 21:00 Tuesday 6th February, PC Offices

Agenda to include:

  •                 Vision statement – group work
  •                 Identification of tasks to assemble evidential database
  •                 Consideration of areas requiring external funding
  •                 Steering Committee Report
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