2018-05-02 Environment & Heritage Meeting Notes

Environment & Heritage Meeting Notes

Wednesday 2ndMay 2018 7.30pm

Tywarnhayle Inn


Steve Adams

Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak

Sue Dutson

Kevin Havill

Nick Joy

Roger Kayes

Angela Maynard

Chris apologised for having no fixed agenda as such, due to treading water until launch of fliers.

We had a discussion regarding the omission of specific protection for county wildlife sites from the NPPF revisions and the need to respond to the consultation, however, despite this, it was agreed that these areas remain reasonably well protected and it will take several years before any revision is embedded.

We discussed the need to utilise the CWT map, and eventually theLLCA to inform spatial planning for conservation such as linking wildlife corridors.

Discussion ensued regarding the possibility that under the NP certain areas of land could be designated with caveats for development (i.e. having stipulations that key vulnerable sites could only be developed in certain ways).

Discussed the Community orchard scheme in Newquay which is an amazing resource for the community, where the land was gifted to the people of Newquay by the Duchy. Perhaps a similar wealthy land owner could be persuaded to do something similar for Perranzabuloe? Mentioned that we have no allotments within the Parish and that community schemes such as these could form part of our wish list or could be cited as suitable development for certain areas of vulnerable land within the parish.

We all had a good look at the CWT maps and more detailed analysis is available should we require it.

Chris asked about obtaining the designation status for the grading of agricultural land.Roger said he would help with this.

Brief discussion on the formation of settlement boundaries and the criteria we would use to do so, but was agreed that it was too early in the process without having completed the LLCA to formulate any policies on this.

Discussions then turned to Communications (see Nick’s notes)

Meeting concluded at around 9.30



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