2019-05-14 BETI Meeting Minutes

Perranporth Neighbourhood Development Plan – BETI Focus Group
Notes: 14th May 2019 (PC Parish Rooms )


Kevin Havill – Chair (KH), Philip Moore – Vice Chair (PRM), Clive Stevens (CS), Richard Eves
(RE), Mike Callan – CC Consultant (MC)


Karen Colam (KC), Andrew Bown (AB), Richard Page (RP), Jim Hewitt (JH), Sharon
Hewitt (SH), Keith Everest (KE), Mark Trevethen (MT), William Rogers – Parish Council Rep

1. Previous Minutes

  • Minutes of the previous meeting on 9th April 2019 – Approved

2. Business Questionnaire

  • Following the session with Stephen Horscroft, Counwall Council Economic
    Development Officer the questionnaire has been restructured to be more
    ‘tick box’. Also for the sake of ensuring anonymity the questionnaire has been
    split into two parts. The first recording the respondent and the second the
    detailed information. The two parts will be separated when the information
    is analysed.
  • Both sections and the covering letter reviewed as a group.
  • Agreed that postal responses shall be sought in the first hand and follow up
    calls made to business addresses that haven’t responded. Also ballot boxes at
    Perranporth Post Office, Perranzabuloe Parish Office and Goonhavern Post
    Office to be used.
  • Timing – agreed that the questionnaires will be sent out 1st September with a
    request for returns by 23rd September, thereafter personal calls will be
  • At the previous meeting it was agreed to break the parish into sectors and
    divide meeting individual businesses amongst each group. Not all BETI
    members present at the meeting so preliminary division suggested as

    • Team One: Team Leaders Sharon and Jim Hewitt, assisted by Clive
      • Goonhavern
      • Callestick
      • Silverwell
      • Chiverton Cross
      • Perranwell
    • Team Two: Team Leader: Phil Moore
      • New Road & Station Road Perranporth
      • Bolingey
      • Rose
    • Team Three: Team Leader- Mike Callan, assisted by Kevin Havill
      and Andrew Bown
      • Central Perranporth
      • Cligga
      • Trevissome Park
    • Team Four: Team Leader Keith Everest
      • Holiday Parks

Given the anticipated volume of personal calls required it was agreed that the
various team leaders will co-opt other helpers as required

3. Other Recent Meetings

  • Cornwall Council Economic Officer, Stephen Horscroft. Issues to raised:
    • Draft Business questionnaire – this has been updated
    • Draft Policies – discussed and his input received
    • Re-use of caravan parks – He will come back to us on this
    • Employment use of land near Chiverton Cross and on the detrunked
      A30 – He will come back to us on this
    • Availability of European Structural Funds – Looking doubtful that we
      will qualify in time
  • KH had been invited to attend a presentation by Bill Grimsey to Cornwall
    Council regarding the regeneration of town centres and high streets. Main

    • High Streets are changing form and need to rely on more than just
    • Local leadership and marketing key
    • Biggest current threats are Brexit, Austerity, Business Rates and
    • Parking must be free
    • Concentrate the active zones and reuse the non active

4. Forthcoming Meetings

  • Steering Group, progress of business questionnaire and timing to be
    given together with request for printing/mailing etc
  • South west Water. WR has arranged a public meeting. MC, PM, RE &
    CS will represent BETI
  • Cornwall Council Cycle Network – agreed a follow up meeting would
    be useful. PM, MC & CS to arrange and participate

5. Cycle Track

  •  BETI should look at the start point for the new track in Perranporth
    (Ponsmere Valley, Wheal Leisure??) and for facilities at Goonhavern

6. AOB

  • Health and Wellbeing – still outstanding. On KH’s to do list

Next meeting over the summer period:
To be called by Phil Moore as necessary

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