Steering Group Meeting 10th December 2019

Perranzabuloe Parish Offices, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth

1 Public Participation


2 Attendance and Apologies

SG members: Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Linda Boylen, Sue Dutson, Philip Henwood (late), Kevin Havill, Rory Jenkins (chair), Roger Kayes, William Rogers, Michael Callan, Phil Moore.

Keith Everest (member of public).

There has still been no reply from Andy Kent.

William Rogers will contact both Karen Colam and Janine Branch to determine whether they wish to remain on the Steering Group.

3 Approval of Minutes on Meeting on 14th November 2019

The minutes were unanimously approved subject to minor editing changes – approved by Rory Jenkins, seconded by William Rogers.

4 Matters Arising & Declaration of Interest

Nothing outstanding to report

Outstanding Declaration of interest forms are still required from Sam Boston, Peter Gaisford, Karen Colam, and Janine Branch.

Rory will email the form again to the members who have not responded.

5  Questionnaire (Business)

Approximately 550 questionnaires were sent.  To date 91 have been returned.  It was agreed to keep the survey open until the end of January 2020, in the hope of receiving more replies.

6 Reports and action plans from Focus Groups

Housing and Open space (Roger Kayes)

Roger reported on the meeting of the Housing Focus Group held on the 2nd December. The 7 people who attended engaged in active discussion on the issue of affordable housing, led by Linda Boylen. One member volunteered to help Roger with the process of preparing settlement boundaries. Considerable interest was expressed in preparing a design policy for any new large housing developments that might be given permission.

Roger reported the he had had a discussion with Jeremy Content, leader of the planning manager’s team for this area, although he hasn’t received a response to the list of questions submitted.  In response to Jeremy’s offer to come and speak to the Parish Council or the Steering Group, Roger agreed to invite him to talk to the SG, with the initial suggestion of January 7th or 8th.

BETI (Kevin Havill)

It was agreed that Kevin Havill and Phil Moore should press ahead and produce a series of draft policies based on the results of the public and business surveys to date.

Progress is being made through discussions with Rick Clayton (Cornwall Council Highways) on the All Saints Bicycle trail understood to start form the COOP in Perranporth.

A meeting was held with Ken Yeo (Community Network).  He had appraised earlier discussions with SWW, and agreed to provide information regarding the De-Trunking of the present A30.

Environment and Heritage (Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak)

E & H met in late November and it was decided that the LLCA process should be handed over to Kath Statham as per previously discussed. Kath will have a look at what we have during January and come back to me with some costs/timeframes.

E & H also started thinking about the open comments within the questionnaire and how the Group can best direct Kath to landscape areas/green open spaces at risk of  being lost between settlements, and also the areas which should be protected. This is currently a work in progress. Another meeting will be arranged in January.

 7 Any other Business

The chair, Rory Jenkins asked the groups to consider what evidence they have to date?
What policies this evidence is likely to support? Issues specifically mentioned were Settlement Boundaries, a Permanent Residence Policy, and the community desire to protect the “Green Wedge” between Perranporth and Bolingey, key views and vistas.

Rory asked what policies are anticipated but not currently backed by evidence?

This was raised so that our 2020 meetings can start to clarify what we believe we can show that the local community wants, and which areas would require more work to determine the community’s views and consequent possible policies. All group heads agreed.

BETI said that their policies look set to focus upon employment opportunities as well as developing the land allocation serviced by the old A30.

8 Dates of future meetings in 2020

The Next SG meeting will be Tuesday 7th January 2020.  A programme of subsequent meetings throughout 2020 will be proposed.

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