Steering Group Meeting – 30th November 2017


The Chairman, Rory Jenkins welcomed everybody to the meeting.  He repeated that this meeting was essentially for the Steering Group.  However, it was open for all residents to attend and there would be opportunities for public participation.

It was agreed that all meetings should aim to close by 9pm.

A list of attendees is annexed to these  minutes. .  Apologies were received from Tony Reynolds and Kate Walsh

Tony Reynolds has resigned from the Steering Group due to work pressure.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 2nd November  2017

Proposed by Rory Jenkins, seconded by Jenny Barton and carried unanimously.

Matters arising from meeting dated 2nd November, 2017

Will Rogers has submitted the application to Cornwall Council for ‘Designated Area Status’.

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Roger Kayes tabled draft ‘Terms of Reference’ for discussion.  These were based upon  Cornwall Council‘s ‘Steering Group Sample Terms of Reference’. Main additional items added or altered by RK for the Perranzabuloe NP were:

·       Clarification of the role of the Parish Council in the process of plan preparation (Section 5)

·       Insertion of a sentence about voting out Office holders (Section 6)

·       Adding two points about handling minor expenses and pre-agreed expenditure of less than £50 paid by petty cash (Section 8)

·       Minor changes to Dissolution procedures (Section 10).

In the light of comments made by the Steering Group, Roger will amend the terms and a corrected version will be prepared for discussion at the next Steering Group meeting

Steering Group Tasks and Opportunities

Roger Kayes presented a set of slides, showing his perspective of what might be achieved in a PNP, in decreasing priority:  .

1          The most important: Issues of planning policy that can influence decision making and subsequently become part of the ‘Development Plan’.

2          Influence the  allocation of Sn 106 monies, and CIL funds from 2019, once the  NP  is adopted by CC.

3          Specific projects that could be progressed through the NP process, but which could not be implemented through adoption by CC.

The fourth category presented his perspective of what cannot be achieved through the NP, such as influencing the provision  of an additional school or surgery places.

Rory Jenkins summarised his understanding that Examiners in their Reports on submitted NPs tend to divide their content into two sections, namely those that the NP can possibly influence directly, and those on which it can have an indirect influence  (e.g. service availability, schools and medical facilities).

Jinny Clark (St Agnes NP) reported that the Focus Groups that they adopted in their parish were:

·       Housing

·       Environment

·       Communication

·       BETI (Business, Employment, Transport & Infrastructure)

It was agreed that the initial names and content of the Perranzabuloe Focus Groups to be will be addressed further at the next SG meeting.


Robert Norrington presented his communication scheme including his proposed Logo, and parish map.  Both were accepted in principle for use. However slight amendments of the Logo were requested, and will be presented at the next SG meeting.

Nick Joy talked about wishes to send a flyer to all residents in the parish and suggested using the monthly advertising brochure  as a ‘carrier’ – the leaflet would form a wrap-around .  The producers of the brochure are prepared to print and distribute the flyer for £250.  Considerable concern was expressed by members of the SG that the coverage of the parish is far more limited than claimed by the company.  Residents in Bolingey, for example, and outlying areas do not receive it.  It was agreed that alternative methods for distribution would be considered.  RN estimated that the cost of printing and distribution for a single sheet will be below £500.

There was considerable discussion around the timing and content of the initial leaflet/communication, and whether – if a survey – how to make it easy for people to reply.  Suggestions included using Freepost and encouraging replies through the website.

A proposal was made that RN and NJ should go ahead with preparation of a simple informative (not questionnaire) leaflet for consideration at the next meeting but this was dropped after a strong objection.  It was left that RN and NJ would come to the next meeting with proposals for further consideration.

A portable exhibition should be considered to take around the various areas of the Parish, as well as a permanent exhibition in the library.

Other Items raised and Items for next meeting

Nick Joy raised his interest in reaching people unable to attend these meetings, particularly in more distant parts of this large parish, by using FaceWatch.  It was suggested that a limited, preliminary trial could take place at the next meeting.

Jenny Bowden and Kevin Havill supported the idea of creating a database for data that would be useful for many of the Focus Groups, and they agreed to take the lead in a Focus Group with a title such as Baseline Information.

There was discussion about the need to prepare a Project Plan and the idea of inviting Allan Clarke from St Agnes to come and talk about his work for their NP, and how they programmed the Project

Items to discuss at the next meeting will include:

·       Formation of Focus Groups

·       First communication

·       Meetings around the Parish outside of Perranporth

Date of Next Steering Group Meetings.

Tuesday  9th January and Thursday 8th February, both at  7pm Parish Council offices.

Annexe – 1 List of Attendees

Ashby-Zwozdiak Chris Moore Jayne
Bowden Jenny Wright Alison
Branch Janine Shaw Dave
Callan  Michael Shaw Dee
Havill Kevin Maynard Angela
Henwood  Phillip Hallworth Leslie
Jenkins Rory Meyers Wendy
Kent Andy Rogers William
Kent Ruth Dutson Susan
Moore Phil Kayes Roger
Norrington Robert Joy Nick

Annexure 2  Members of Steering Group as of 30th November 2017

Ashby-Zwozdiak Chris Joy Nick
Bowden Jenny Kayes Roger
Bown Andrew Kent Andy
Branch Jamine Moore Phil
Dutson Susan Norrington Robert
Havill Kevin Rogers William
Henwood Phillip
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