BETI Report 7th March 2018

The BETI group hasn’t met since the last Steering Group meeting but is due to tomorrow, Thursday 8th 2018.

The principal activity to report is the meeting with Highways England on the 8th February when they held a public consultation day event at Perranporth Memorial Hall concerning the proposed new section of the A30 to be constructed between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross.  Philip Moore and Kevin Havill represented the BETI group and meet with the Highways England project managers and retained consultants Arup. The existing section of the A30 between these points is planned to be ‘de–trunked’ and there is provision in the project for off site works and Section106 payments to Cornwall Council for specific projects. Highways England want these projects defined very soon as their consultation period ends 12th March.

Rerouting traffic around Goonhavern and creating a cycle track from Perranporth towards Newquay were two specific items discussed in principal. It was agreed that both could potentially be projects able to benefit from the funds to be allocated.

It was agreed that further discussion should include Cornwall Council as they are Highways England’s counter party.

Guy Thomas has arranged an extraordinary Community Network Panel meeting at Perranporth Parish Council offices 18:30 to 20:30, 8th March at which Highways England will present to the Parish Council and take a Q & A session.  The BETI group has been invited to attend and this will replace the previously planned meeting.

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