2019-01-10 – Housing & Open Space, Focus Group meeting, Agenda

This is the proposed agenda and pre meeting notes:

Proposed Agenda

This is a possible Agenda although how we proceed will be moulded to respond to the wishes of people who attend.

  1. Welcome

  2. Introductions

    For each person, a couple of minutes each – interests, background and current knowledge of NDP process and content

  3. Themes potentially to be covered under ‘Housing and open space’ (see below)

    Discussion of themes
    Suggestions for additions
    Spatial coverage – Goonhavern, Rose, Callestick, Chiverton Cross

  4. Moving toward questionnaire and work involved

    It would be helpful to get an idea of who is thinking of getting involved, as opposed to only making an input during meetings or being an observer. (Both are welcome at our meetings, of course.)

  5. Other issues

  6. Date of next meeting

The list of themes can be found here.

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