2019-07-10 Steering Group Meeting

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan
Steering Group Meeting Wednesday 10th July 2019

Perranzabuloe Parish Offices, Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth

1       Public Participation

Chris Pearson attended.  He is particularly interested in receiving the survey results when available.

2       Guest Speaker

Jackie Smith (Sustainable Drainage Lead Officer Cornwall Council) gave a presentation on methods of controlling drainage within new developments.

3       Attendance and Apologies

SG members: Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak, Sam Boston, Andrew Bown, Keith Everest, Peter Gaisford, Phillip Henwood, Rory Jenkins (chair), Roger Kayes & William Rogers.

Michael Callan, Kevin Havill, Linda Boylen, Susan Dutson, Phil Moore, Karen Colam & Janine Branch tendered apologies.

Andrew Kent has not attended meetings since the inaugural meeting.  Rory will contact him to check whether he is no longer interested, and if so to request that he stands down.

Marijka Zwozdiak (undertaking the data input for the survey) also attended.

4       Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 12th June 2019

The minutes were approved, subject to minor editing alterations:  Proposed by Rory, Seconded by Andrew and accepted unanimously.

5       Matters arising

No issues.

6       Declarations of Interest

All Steering Group members were advised of the new Declaration of Interest form, produced by Rory. The earlier copy that was produced had one question duplicated.  All members of the SG are requested to fill this in.

7       Discussion of the format of Steering Group meetings

No issues

8       Questionnaire

  • State of returns

Surveys in excess of 300 have already been inputted on line. There are still some 300 that still need to be inputted.

Marijka Zwozdiak reported that she is inputting between 2 & 3 returns per hour.

  • Checking Procedure

Roger Kayes will carry out quality checking on 10% of surveys inputted.

  • Report back Sessions

Report back sessions on the survey have been booked for Goonhavern on Tuesday 15th October, and at Perranporth on Wednesday 16th October, 2019.

9       Reports from Focus Groups

Housing and Open space (Roger Kayes

Roger reported that the planned meeting with Tim Marsh (to be arranged by Michael Callan) had not yet taken place.

A recent planning appeal decision in Wadebridge suggests that the Government is putting greater weight upon the contents of local NDPs that have not yet passed the referendum.  At the end of June, the planning inspector upheld Cornwall Council’s refusal of an application for 225 houses on the edge of the town, specifically on the grounds that the application would prevent the local community deciding what it wanted to happen on that land.  The NDP has been through community-wide consultation immediately before submission to CC, but issues raised during that consultation haven’t yet been agreed to enable it to proceed to the next stage.

Roger reported that he is still to convene a meeting with a volunteer who has offered to show interested members of the NDP team to learn how to use ‘QGIS’.  Having access to a functioning Geographical Information System will be very useful in preparing maps for the NDP.


No report this month.

Environment and Heritage

Four members were present for the meeting on 3rd July and it was decided that the deadline for the completion of all previously allotted assessment and photo files will be Thursday 15th August. Any lack of coverage will be assessed and rectified after this date. Next meeting is to take place in early September. Chris agreed to produce and circulate via social media a ‘what do we love about Perranzabuloe’ form to engage local children in the LLCA process.

CAZ is arranging a competition to get children involved with the LLCA.  It has been agreed to offer prizes of £10 & £5 for winners (proposed by Rory, seconded by Phil Henwood).

10    Financial Matters

William produced a draft of expenses to date, and estimates for the future expenditure of the project.

Andrew Bown will take over the running of finances from William.

The SG is paying a monthly rate to Survey Monkey in order that the results can be processed.  Rory reported that this will be more cost effective that paying an annual fee.

Rory will cancel the contract for the unique phone line, given that hardly any members of the community made use of it during our survey.

11    Any other Business

Rory has been approached by a planner from ‘Origin 3-a Bristol based planning and urban design consultancy. He understands that he is working with land owners / development re Tregothan Estates.  Rory aims to arrange a meeting with him (with Roger) when he is in the area.

William produced a provisional draft estimate for the total cost of the NDP- See appendix A

12    Dates of future meetings for 2019

Tue 10th Sep
Wed 16th Oct (This will need to be adjusted- clashing with Parish Feedback- suggest one week earlier!)  This will be finalised in the September 2019 SG meeting
Thu 14th Nov
Tue 10th Dec


Appendix A

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan  Draft  Cost estimate as at 10 July ’19



01 July 2018 Jeff Muir Inv 22 Printing cost, mailing house fees & delivery £2,549.34
13 November 2018 Jeff Muir Inv 25 Design of leaflet & Platemaking £1,216.00
15 November 2018 Jeff Muir Inv 26 Design and production of banners and volunteer cards £470.00
Hire of Memorial hall £25.00
Hire of Goonhavern Hall £20.00
Hire of small meeting room (Memorial Hall)  twice £40.00
Provision of list of properties from Cornwall Council £27.00 £4,347.34
Grant from Localities £4,069.00
Grant from perraporth garden charities £500.00
Balance remaining £221.66
18 April 2019 Jeff Muir Inv 33 £3,487.31
16 May 2019 Jeff Muir Inv 34 £1,588.00
16 May 2019 Jeff Muir Inv 35 £298.40
04 July 2019 Jeff Muir Inv 37  Banners £144.00
20 April 2019 Provision of list of properties from Cornwall Council £24.00
01 May 2019 Around Piran Advert £30.00
26 June 2019 Advertising on Facebook £30.00
27 June 2019 Survey Monkey fees £200.00
31 August 2019 Input of Forms £2,000.00
31 August 2019 Freepost returns £500.00 £8,301.71
Design,Printing cost, Mailing House & Delivery £2,146.73
Public participation meeting £1,000.00
Production of Neighbourhood plan  Estimate £5,000.00
Public participation meet £1,000.00
TOTAL COST(Estimate)   £21,795.78
Less grants to date £4,847.34
Net Cost   £16,948.44


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