2018-02-08 Steering Group Meeting Agenda

Thurs 8th Feb 2018 – 7pm

Perranzabuloe Parish Offices

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Address by Kathryn Statham (CC) Local Landscape Character Assessment and Neighbourhood Planning
  2. Attendance and Apologies
  3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 9th Jan 2018
  4. Matters arising
  5. Reports from Focus groups
  6. Communication update
  7. Financial Matters
  8. Any other Business
  9. Items for next meeting
  10. Date of meetings in March and April,2018

2018-01-09 Steering Group Meeting Minutes

A PDF copy of the 2018 01 09 minutes are here.


The Chairman, Rory Jenkins welcomed everybody to the meeting. The list of attendees is appended to these minutes.

Apologies were received from Janine Branch, Peter Gaisford, Susan Griffiths & Karen Tregay.

A particular welcome was extended to Jaquie Byatt, whom as well as being a resident of Perranzabuloe, is also a Planning Officer within CC.  She is prepared to become a member of a Focus Group.

It was agreed that the meeting be recorded for the purposes of writing the Minutes only.

Resignations from the Steering Group were received from Robert Norrington (Communication lead) who wishes to concentrate upon the communication needs of the Parish Council, and Jenny Barton (Vice Chairman) who does not consider that presently she has sufficient time to take on the role.  It was agreed that these roles be opened to the whole of the Steering Group to apply for.  Mindful of this Rory and Nick will produce an initial job specification for the role, with the goal of electing new officers at the next SG meeting.  Nick Joy has agreed to continue as Acting Head of Communications for the meantime, until the formal appointment is made.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 30th November,2017

Proposed by Andrew Bone, seconded by Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak and carried by the majority of the meeting.

Matters arising from meeting dated 30th November, 2017

Cornwall Council has accepted that Perranzabuloe has ‘Designated Area Status’ for the purpose of writing the Neighbourhood Plan. The defined area is the whole of the parish within the designated boundaries.

William Rogers will investigate sources of grant funding from CC, how to apply , and report at the next meeting.

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Roger Kayes re- tabled draft ‘Terms of References ‘  for discussion.  These have been revised to take account of the clarifications and additions requested at the Committee meeting on 30th November, namely:

  • Clarification of the role of the Parish Council in the process of plan preparation (Section 5).
  • Insertion of a sentence about voting out office holders (Section 6).
  • Adding two points about handling minor expenses and pre-agreed expenditure of less than £50 paid by petty cash (Section 8).
  • Minor changes to Dissolution procedures (Section 10).

The Revised Terms of Reference were sent out to all Steering Group members with the Minutes of Meeting of 30th November. Their adoption was agreed unanimously.

Communications Update accepted by the meeting.

Nick Joy gave a short PowerPoint presentation, showing his perspective of how the Communication Policy might progress.  His key points were:

  • The Consultation Statement should provide evidence that we engaged with the community
  • It is necessary to follow along the guidelines set out in CC documents.
  • It is necessary to consult with other Parishes that have completed their plan.
  • It is essential to plan well first to ensure all parishioners are included and nothing is missed.

The presentation is attached  to these minutes.  The communication is a paramount part of the Neighbourhood Plan, and supports all other activities.  RJ reiterated the importance of the openness of the process from the setting of meeting agendas to the actual comprehensive involvement of the parish with surveys, public displays and the final referendum on the acceptance of the final plan. Meetings should not be confined to the Parish rooms, but be held in other venues within the Parish.

The resignation of Robert from the Steering Group means that we cannot continue to refine  or use the Logo presented by him.

A simplified Logo  (shown overleaf) to promote the Neighbourhood Plan was presented and agreed by the meeting to be adopted. It was based on the ideas of, (in order of declining scale):

  • That we live in a coastal parish (blue sea)
  • That a neighbourhood development planning is about boundaries and zones
  • That at a personal level, most of us live in a building that gives us shelter from the natural elements.

Cornwall Council have produced a set of guidelines and comprehensive templates that should be followed throughout the process.  The Neighbourhood Plan must show that the extent of consultation is sufficiently comprehensive to represent the views of the whole of the parish. NJ outlined some of the main issues within the guidelines.

NJ outlined the extent, complexity and detailed nature of the Communication tasks.

SWOT Analysis

Kevin Havill presented a SWOT  (Strengths Weaknesses, Threats & Opportunities) analysis for Perranzabuloe.  This was enthusiastically discussed with various suggestions for additional items to be included. This forms appendix 1 to the minutes.

Formation of Focus Groups

RJ reminded the meeting that the Focus Groups set up by St Agnes parish were:

  • Housing
  • Environment
  • Communication
  • BETI (Business, Employment, Transport & Infrastructure)

It was agreed that we should follow the same structure with minor amendments.. Hence the initial groups to be adopted by Perranzabuloe would be-

  • Housing
  • Environment & Heritage
  • BETI

The Communication team would work in conjunction with the three FGs and as such, was not included in the list of Focus Groups.

The membership of the initial Focus Groups was agreed to be as follows, with a member of the SG taking the lead, and being responsible for reporting back to future SG meetings.  It was agreed that the coverage of individual FGs  and their changes is likely to evolve as the process proceeds.


Roger Kayes & Jacquie Byatt

Environment & Heritage

Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak (leader), Alison Wright, Susan Dutson, Angela Maynard, Jack Clark, Simon Jeffery, Lizzi  Larbalester


Kevin Havill (leader), Andrew Bown, Karen Colam, Michael Callan, Phil More, Jacquie Byatt,  Simon Jeffery.

The Focus Groups should aim to report back at the next SG meeting,

WR will clarify whether members of the PC (Michael Callan & Karen Colam) can join Focus Groups.  Michael Callan will have an ex-officio role, being both a Parish and County Councillor.

Financial Issues

Andrew Bown has agreed to continue to assist the SG with financial matters.

The cost of the production of the NP was raised. WR reported that based upon the experience of St Agnes, the whole Plan could be produced  for between £20-£30,000.  This allows for publications as part of Communications,  a small amount of professional  help, as well as a reasonable allocation of unforeseen extras.  Now that Perranzabuloe has received designated status from CC, we can apply for a grant from  ‘Locality’ .  This is a source of funding for NDP preparation, set up by Central Government.  Also, money may be available from the National Lottery as well as the Cornwall Community Foundation.  WR will report at the next meeting.

Any Other Business

Roger Kayes will provide a suggested reading list for SG members of completed, or largely complete NPs, together with a few Examiner’s reports, so that we can learn from the experience of others.  The list forms Appendix 4, and is also available on ‘Perranplan.org’

Kevin Havill has requested that the SG purchases a white board for use at meetings.  MC commented that the PC owns at least one that can be used.

Date of Next Meeting and Closure

The next SG meetings have been scheduled for Thursday 8th February, and Wednesday 7th March.  Both will take place at the Parish offices.

The meeting closed at 21h00.

Appendix 1 – Perranporth Neighbourhood Plan SWOT Analysis 8th January 2018


  • Overstretched infrastructure & services:
  • Education, Health and Sewerage
  • Traffic – seasonal & specific points (Liskey & Budnic Hill) Lack of Parking
  • The Retail Offer
  • Urban Design
  • Lack of local energy source or gas
  • Lack of desirable and truly affordable housing
  • Lack of property for commercial/employment opportunities
  • Loss of hotel accommodation and venues
  • No Chamber of Commerce


  • The Beach
  • Tourism
  • Landscape/Environment
  • Community
  • Clean Air
  • Outdoors Sports
  • Dog Friendly
  • Many small and independent businesses
  • History/heritage
  • Cottage Industries
  • Airfield


  • Pollution
  • Uncontrolled development
  • Loss of:
    • Community services (Library, museum..)
    • All year round retail and services
  • Drift towards 2# home or arcade/slot machine town
  • Social problems:
    • Youth
    • Vulnerable elderly
  • Climate Change causing beach erosion


  • Create a modern image
  • Designate areas for appropriate housing
  • Designate protected landscape areas
  • Designate areas for new businesses
    • Clusters
    • A 30 opportunities
  • Create a stronger all year economy
  • Improve Perranporth village centre
  • Make provision for the smaller communities and co-ordinate the parish as a whole
  • Sustainable use of the beach inc “Plastic Free Coastline”
  • Enhance outdoor activities
    • Footpaths /cycle tracks

Appendix 2  – 1 List of Attendees

  • Jack Clark
  • Karen  Colam
  • Angela Maynard
  • Maxine Young
  • Alison Wright
  • Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak
  • Andrew Bone
  • Susan Dutson
  • Kevin Havill
  • Rory Jenkins
  • Nick Joy
  • Roger Kayes
  • Phil Moore
  • William Rogers
  • Michael Callan
  • Lizzi Larbalister
  • Jacquie Byatt
  • Daniel Rule
  • Simon Jeffery

Appendix 3  – Members of Steering Group as of

  • Chris Ashby-Zwozdiak
  • Nick Joy
  • Andrew Bown
  • Andrew Kent
  • Jamine Branch
  • Phil Moor
  • Susan Dutson
  • Kevin Havill
  • William Rogers
  • Philip Henwood
  • Roger Kayes
  • Rory Jenkins

Appendix 4 Suggestion of NPs and Examiner’s Reports to look at

An initial pointer….   Roger Kayes, 18 January 2018

Cornwall Council’s website gives updated information on the progress of Cornish parishes in preparing NPs:


According to this site, there are 214 parish and town councils in Cornwall; 118 are currently engaged in preparing NPs, a figure which includes the 11 that have completed the process and whose plans are now ‘made’ (that is, adopted as part of Cornwall’s ‘Development Plan’).

1          Bude-Stratton NP and Examiner’s Report

The final NP dated February 2016 (although it includes amendments following the Examination held in December 2016):


The Examiner’s Report is available from:


You can get a sense of part of the CC process by looking at the material that went to a Committee in 2016 via:


2          Roche NP and Examiner’s Report

This CC page links to the Roche documents – the NP was ‘made’ in the summer of 2017:


3          St Ives NP and Examiner’s Report

These are lengthy documents but the NP is pretty detailed and the discussion of the Primary Residence condition interesting, particularly if we want to consider this here in Perrranzabuloe:


4          Feock NP

Feock is a much smaller and more rural parish that Perranzabuloe, but has been recommended by Jinny Clarke of St Agnes.  It has interesting detail in terms of planning policies, and I understand the NP process has benefited from the significant number of professional people with relevant experience living in the area.  They have produced a separate ‘Delivery Strategy’ and Consultation Document, both of which are well worth looking at.  Note the coverage of issues in the Delivery Strategy.


At the time of writing, the dedicated website at http://www.feockparishcouncil.co.uk/neighbourhood-plan has technical problems and is inaccessible.

5          Crantock NP

This NP went out to ‘Statutory Consultation’ in November 2017 (the 6-week period finishing in January 2018).  The plan is the ‘Proposal Document’, part way down the page.  It is particularly included here since this is a neighbouring NP.  (I haven’t looked at it in detail.)


2018-01-09 Steering Group Meeting Agenda

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Committee  Meeting  Tuesday 9th January 2018

7pm  Perranzabuloe Parish Offices

Proposed Agenda

  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 30th November 2017
  3. Matters arising
  4. Terms of Reference- acceptance of revised terms
  5. Creation of Focus groups
  6. Communication update
  7. Financial Matters
  8. Items for next meeting
  9. Date of meetings in February and March 2018

2017 11 30 Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Click here for a PDF copy of the 2017 11 30 minutes

Any action points are in red.

Creating a Steering Group & starting the

Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)


The Chairman, Rory Jenkins welcomed everybody to the meeting. He
repeated that this meeting was essentially for the Steering Group. However, it was open for all residents to attend and there would be opportunities for public participation.

It was agreed that all meetings should aim to close by 9pm.

A list of attendees is annexed to these minutes.

Apologies were received from Tony Reynolds and Kate Walsh.

Tony Reynolds has resigned from the Steering Group due to work pressure.

Approval of Minutes of Meeting dated 2nd November 2017

Proposed by Rory Jenkins, seconded by Jenny Barton and carried unanimously.

Matters arising from meeting dated 2nd November 2017

Will Rogers has submitted the application to Cornwall Council for ‘Designated Area Status’.

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Roger Kayes tabled draft ‘Terms of Reference’ for discussion. These were based upon Cornwall Council‘s ‘Steering Group Sample Terms of
Reference’. Main additional items added or altered by RK for the Perranzabuloe NP were:

  • Clarification of the role of the Parish Council in the process of plan
    preparation (Section 5)
  • Insertion of a sentence about voting out Office holders (Section 6)
  • Adding two points about handling minor expenses and pre-agreed
    expenditure of less than £50 paid by petty cash (Section 8)
  • Minor changes to Dissolution procedures (Section 10).

In the light of comments made by the Steering Group, Roger will amend the terms and a corrected version will be prepared for discussion at the next Steering Group meeting

Steering Group Tasks and Opportunities

Roger Kayes presented a set of slides, showing his perspective of what might be achieved in a PNP, in decreasing priority:

  1. The most important: Issues of planning policy that can influence
    decision making and subsequently become part of the ‘Development Plan’.
  2. Influence the allocation of Sn 106 monies, and CIL funds from 2019,
    once the NP is adopted by CC.
  3. Specific projects that could be progressed through the NP process,
    but which could not be implemented through adoption by CC.

The fourth category presented his perspective of what cannot be achieved through the NP, such as influencing the provision of an additional  school or surgery places.

Rory Jenkins summarised his understanding that Examiners in their Reports on submitted NPs tend to divide their content into two sections, namely those that the NP can possibly influence directly, and those on which it can have an indirect influence (e.g. service availability, schools and medical facilities).

Jinny Clark (St Agnes NP) reported that the Focus Groups that they adopted in their parish were:

  • Housing
  • Environment
  • Communication
  • BETI (Business, Employment, Transport & Infrastructure)

It was agreed that the initial names and content of the Perranzabuloe Focus Groups to be will be addressed further at the next SG meeting.


Robert Norrington presented his communication scheme including his proposed Logo, and parish map. Both were accepted in principle for use.
However slight amendments of the Logo were requested, and will be presented at the next SG meeting.

Nick Joy talked about wishes to send a flyer to all residents in the parish and suggested using the monthly advertising brochure as a ‘carrier’ – the leaflet would form a wrap-around . The producers of the brochure are prepared to print and distribute the flyer for £250. Considerable concern was expressed by members of the SG that the coverage of the parish is far more limited than claimed by the company. Residents in Bolingey, for example, and outlying areas do not receive it. It was agreed that alternative methods for distribution would be considered. RN estimated that the cost of printing and distribution for a single sheet will be below £500.

There was considerable discussion around the timing and content of the initial leaflet/communication, and whether – if a survey – how to make it easy for people to reply. Suggestions included using Freepost and encouraging replies through the website.

A proposal was made that RN and NJ should go ahead with preparation of a simple informative (not questionnaire) leaflet for consideration at the next meeting but this was dropped after a strong objection. It was left that RN and NJ would come to the next meeting with proposals for further  consideration.

A portable exhibition should be considered to take around the various areas of the Parish, as well as a permanent exhibition in the library.

Other Items raised and Items for next meeting

Nick Joy raised his interest in reaching people unable to attend these meetings, particularly in more distant parts of this large parish, by using FaceWatch. It was suggested that a limited, preliminary trial could take place at the next meeting.

Jenny Bowden and Kevin Havill supported the idea of creating a database for data that would be useful for many of the Focus Groups, and they agreed to take the lead in a Focus Group with a title such as Baseline Information.

There was discussion about the need to prepare a Project Plan and the idea of inviting Allan Clarke from St Agnes to come and talk about his work for their NP, and how they programmed the Project.

Items to discuss at the next meeting will include:

  • Formation of Focus Groups
  • First communication
  • Meetings around the Parish outside of Perranporth

Date of Next Steering Group Meetings.

Tuesday 9th January and Thursday 8th February, both at 7pm Parish
Council offices.



Appendix 1 – List of Attendees

Chris Moore Jayne
Bowden Jenny
Wright Alison
Branch Janine
Shaw Dave
Callan Michael
Shaw Dee
Havill Kevin
Maynard Angela
Henwood Phillip
Hallworth Leslie
Jenkins Rory
Meyers Wendy
Kent Andy
Rogers William
Kent Ruth
Dutson Susan
Moore Phil
Kayes Roger
Norrington Robert
Joy Nick

Appendix 2  – Members of Steering Group as of 9th January 2018

Chris Joy Nick
Bowden Jenny
Kayes Roger
Bown Andrew
Kent Andy
Branch Jamine
Moore Phil
Dutson Susan
Norrington Robert
Havill Kevin
Rogers William
Henwood Phillip

2017-11-30 Steering Group Agenda

The next meeting to progress our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will be at:

7pm on Thursday the 30th of November
at the Parish Council offices
(Budnick, Perranporth, TR6 0DB)

Since our last meeting there has been progress towards the next set of requirements for Perranzabuloe to have a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). We want to firstly update everybody on the plans so as to get comments and suggestions and to confirm that the full Steering Group and everybody else who wishes to be involved agrees with the planned progress to date. This will then lead on to what we need to do next. Much of this is dependent on what the community wants and where a NDP can help this. This will be progressed at the next meeting.


  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 2nd November 2017
  3. Matters arising
  4. Terms of Reference
  5. Steering Group Tasks and Opportunities (open discussion)
  6. Communication update
  7. Financial Matters
  8. Items for next meeting
  9. Date of meetings in January & February 2018

2017 11 02 Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Click here for a PDF copy of these 2017 11 02 meeting notes.

Any action points are in red.


Listed below

Steering Committee

Listed below

Approval of Officers

Initially all attendees were invited to give a brief resume about themselves, after which the following people were appointed.

  • Chairman – Rory Jenkins
  • Vice Chairman – Jenny Bowden
  • Secretary – William Rogers
  • Financial Officer – Roger Kayes

The Parish Council representatives on the NP Steering Committee are Robert Norrington and William Rogers.


Funds will be held by the Parish Council.

It is understood that generally no expenses are payable to Steering Group members.

Grants are available from CCC as well as Lottery Funds.  It is believed that additional funds may be obtained  from the Community network Panel, as well as the Coastal Community Funds.  WR will investigate.

Terms of Reference for Steering Committee

A blank template for the Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee are being sent to members to be discussed at the next meeting.

WR to follow up.

External  Help

WR is liaising with Ginny Clark of St Agnes, in relation to the work that they have completed on their NP.


Communications for the Group will be managed by Robert Norrington.  Rory Jenkins will create the web site free of charge, and set up separate email accounts for the appointees.

The Facebook group for the Perranzabuloe Neighbourhood Plan will be updated by Rory so that all members Steering Group are ‘Administrators and moderators’.

Application to Cornwall Council for Designated Area Status

W.R will prepare the documentation for approval at the next Steering Meeting.

Preparation Work

All Steering Committee members are requested to read the following documents before the next meeting.  These will be sent electronically to all Steering Committee members:-

Date of Next Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday 30th November 7pm Parish Council offices.

This meeting is essentially for the Steering Committee.  However, it is open to all residents to attend, and there are opportunities for public participation.

Annexure 1 List of Attendees

  • Ashby-Zwozdiak Chris
  • Bowden Jenny
  • Branch Janine
  • Callam Michael
  • Clark Jack
  • Colam Karen
  • Havill Kevin
  • Henwood Phillip
  • Jenkins Rory
  • Joy Jenni
  • Joy Nick
  • Kent Andy
  • Kent Ruth
  • Mallett Mary
  • Maynard Angela
  • Meyers Wendy
  • Moore Phil
  • Norrington Robert
  • Reynolds Tony
  • Timms Matt
  • Tonkin Gill
  • Yeo Ken
  • Young Maxine

Annexure 2 Members of the Steering Committee

  • Ashby-Zwozdiak Chris
  • Bowden Jenny
  • Bown Andrew
  • Branch Jamine
  • Dutson Susan
  • Havill Kevin
  • Henwood Phillip
  • Joy Nick
  • Kayes Roger
  • Kent Andy
  • Moore Phil
  • Norrington Robert
  • Reynolds Tony
  • Rogers William

2017-10-12 Meeting Notes – Launching our Neighbourhood Development Plan

2017 10 12 at 19:00 at the Parish Council offices in Perranporth.

We’ve had our first meeting to get things going.

Great turn out, clever questions and lots of enthusiasm.

A great presentation from Guy Thomas at Cornwall Council on what we need to do and how he and his team can help us. Guy is going to send us a PDF copy of his presentation, that I’ll link to from here.

Thankyou to Parish Councillor William Rogers for sorting the meeting out and the Parish Council for the use of their meeting room and the time of the other Parish Councillors who attended.

Notes of questions raised at the Meeting 

Q:- What is the difference between the Steering group Member and an Implementation Group Member?
A::- The Steering Group manage the Process, whilst the Implementation Groups examine and report upon one or more of the technical issues that are to be addressed within the Neighbourhood Plan

Q::- What are the expenses involved with the NP?
A:- Where the knowledge on issues pertinent to the Steering or Implementation groups is not available within the Steering or Implementation groups, professional assistance will need to be hired.
It will be necessary to spend upon communication (e.g. printing and distribution of newsletters, running surveys etc.).

Q:- Do meetings need to be held in Parish Council Offices?
A:- No they can be held in any meeting places that are easy to get to by parishioners.

Q:- What is Cornwall’s obligation to build houses?
A:- Cornwall CC is tasked to construct a minimum of 57,000 homes between 2020-2030. Perranzabuloe parish is expected to construct 1,100, of which 560 are already completed. There is no legal pressure to build beyond the prescribed number. However, there is no legal power to stop building works after the quota has been reached.

Q:- Have any population demographic analysis been undertaken?
A:- Yes in the previously published Local Plan. This covered for example Income grades, migration from the parish, skills growth and single parents. Similarly infrastructure (roads, water, sewerage, electricity) was addressed, as well as the adequacy of schools and health services.
This work will form a starting platform from which the NP can build and can be upgraded and progressed.

Q:- Does a Neighbourhood Plan have ‘teeth’?
A:- The NP have to be by its nature an enabling and permissive legal document that can influence the development within the area. Two immediate examples of its effect are the guidance for design to be in character and keeping with the surrounding area (Roseland Peninsula), and the policy regarding second homes in St Ives.

Q:- Is it possible to build when the infrastructure is not in place?
A:- That is the case at present! However Parish councils lean upon the statutory authorities to provide the necessary infrastructure. Also services such as Doctor surgeries will be aware of the need for adequate services, and hopefully plan for the increased load.

Q:- How does data protection affect the Steering Group’s handling of information?
A:- This will be investigated. However the accreditation of the NP through the auspices of the Parish Council will provide clarity on this issue.

Q:- Will environmental issues be included in the NP?
A:- Yes.

Q:- How will the balance of the Steering group be agreed?
A:- That is a duty of the Community to decide.

Q:- Can a Steering Group development its own scheme?
A:- This is up to the Community to decide.

Q:- How long did St Ives take to prepare their NP?
A:- 2 Years.

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